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[App] Tachyon VPN – Private Proxy

Tachyon VPNIPX Staking is now available! Everyone can create an IPX Wallet and join without limitations.

Download and try Tachyon VPN which is driven by all global users and powered by the unique Tachyon Protocol! Surf the internet with full privacy! We also offer the wallet service inside Tachyon VPN so that you can manage your IPX and other assets easily.

No Central Servers
Tachyon VPN functions as a platform instead of a central service provider. All servers you use will come from other global users which are distributed around the world and operated by different people. Since there is no centralized server to relay information, there is no possibility of data-logging in a single repository, which means no one can collect your privacy and sell your personal information when central servers are removed.

Conceal Your Data Perfectly With Unique Protocol Simulation Scheme
This scheme guarantees that the real content of the communication is concealed, in order to avoid information unwarranted interception and exposure. It also fools the third party applications into letting users’ data flow unhindered by simulating other protocols to mislead the stealers.

Add Servers You Trust or Create Your Own Ones!
All users can use Tachyon Node Manager to create servers(nodes) in Tachyon VPN with simple steps. Every server will have a unique Tachyon key. With this key, you can add servers you really trust and need. Own a customized VPN that satisfies all your needs.

Easy to Use
Will a customized and private VPN be complicated to use?Don’t worry! Just enjoy the same easy steps with more security, privacy and fastest speed!

Find more details on our site:
Privacy Policy: tachyon.eco/?n=yr8mtzfwee.PrivacyPolicy
Terms of Services: tachyon.eco/?n=yr8mtzfwee.TermsOfUse

Contact us
If you have any problems or suggestions, feel free to contact us in the app or email us contact@tachyon.eco.

Follow us
Twitter: twitter.com/tachyon_eco
Telegram: t.me/tachyoneco

Tachyon VPN user reviews :

I’ve used several VPNs through the years and the design of this one is by far my favorite. It’s not entirely reliable though, shutting itself off at random times. I’ve had it disappear from my chromebook apps drawer/folder a few times as well. When it crashes a popup asks you to share what happened but I don’t see how to do that in the instructions so I’ve just left it for now.

Overall, one of the best VPN experiences I have had so far. Connects almost instantly (for me at least), easy to use settings, although doesn’t necessarily have as many as other offerings. I would still like to see a quick settings tile so I don’t have to open the app every time I want to quickly start/stop a VPN connection.

Great! Tachyon VPN are the fastest, most reliable and easy to configure of the free VNP services I’ve used over the years. And just as important, the manner in which they deal with any questions, issues and (rare) problems is polite and efficient. In my opinion they’re at least worthy of a try if you are looking for a good quality free VPN option.

It is discontinued after 5 minutes of continuous use / Hi, thank you for your quick reply, yes, of course I downloaded the latest version a few hours ago, but unfortunately for some sites it didn’t work for more than a few minutes and finally turned off. I want to try this vpn again, after a few hours of working with this program, I will definitely announce my final opinion.

  • Hi, have you tried the latest update? It seems to fix the issue for many of our users. If it doesn’t work for you, could you contact us at contact[at]tachyon.eco, so that we can work together to figure it out?

Its a really good app with best latency. But connection drops too often and speed reduces as well. Sometimes it is connected but there is no internet access. I really want to use this app but the connection is not consistent making it a bad experience. Please find some solution about this. Even it took me two tries to post this comment the connection dropped though the vpn was connected.

5 stars, thus far! The user interface is simple, and the app is fast and works as advertised. The http option is great — I use it for a strong connection, when I listen to Internet Old Time Radio, and I use TLS whenever I want anonymity. I’ve already uninstalled another VPN app.

This software is really great. Once there is a problem, the repair is very fast. The internet speed is also the fastest one I have used for free, once it reached 12mb/s (the real-time internet speed displayed by the mobile phone).

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