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[Game] Baby Panda Care

Baby Panda Care Do you want to know how to take care of a baby?

Try Baby Panda Care to learn! Take care of babies at different stages (swaddling – crawling – learning to walk) and help them grow up healthy.

What kinds of baby foods are there? Milk powder, rice cereal, biscuits, and pureed vegetables! These foods are nutritious for babies. Feed babies food that is appropriate for their development stage!

It’s time for activities. What do babies like to play? Dress-up and block stacking? How about hide-and-seek and sandcastle building? Experience 16 interesting activities in the various corners. Come and explore!

The babies are sleepy. Let’s take them to the bathroom for their bath! Let’s soap up, rinse off, and get ready for bed! Play a lullaby and gently swing their cradles to put them to sleep!

Zzz. The babies are asleep. You’ve done a great job taking care of them today!

Take care of baby boys & girls
See them grow up in three stages: swaddling, crawling, and learning to walk
Dress up the babies in six sets of adorable clothes
Learn baby care skills: feed the babies, bathe them, and put them to sleep
Learn to care for others and develop a sense of responsibility

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Baby Panda Care user reviews :

I love the way Baby Bus apps have back to back 30 second forced adverts that my 2 year old gets to watch. No way to skip them, but hey, i guess it’s okay if you get 2 yr old kid to click and mistakenly install some app. What do you make, 1 cent per install? You guys make quality software, but your attempt to get revenue is horrendous. Let me give my 2.99 to buy an add free experience so that my kid can play in peace, PLEASE.

This was my favorite game when I was 4 years old and I used to play it alot but in 2022 I turned 7 years old and I still have it. Happy day in my life! And also this is for some kids that remember playing it so don’t forget it

it’s a cute game , the panda was so cute , but you can’t do many things in this game… like you just change the diaper , feed the panda , and i totally ended up bored with this game. not too good and not too bad , but yeah I’m bored so i uninstall it. maybe you can try to add some stories , or level to make it more interesting ?

One of the best games I ever played. SO FUN, But why 4? It’s so CUTEE, but later it becomes a little boring. I definitely recommend to ADD MORE BABIES, like Mimi, Timi, Momo, Rudolph, Nana, Hank, etc. (For free). Pls add more things to do, make it all free. It will be more rated 5 if you do my request and many will play and it will be rated a lot. Great game, thanks so much.

I technically love this game, Im 9 yrs old. But just image if your older than me and you like some baby games? Its fine, you shouldnt let anyone judge you! Now lets get to the point… Okay, Everything is amazing here and its fun caring learning, but there is one problem, theres no ever new stuff and we have to do the same stuff all over again! Overall, Good game!

hello! i like this game, its cute and adorable!!!! but… you may be thinking of why 4 stars? because everytime the game crashes, every 10 seconds it crashes.. can you please fix that? if you fix it… i will give 5 stars!

Baby bus games are the absolute best for children of all ages! The ads aren’t overwhelming and they’re easy to close out. They also don’t ask for purchases. Thank you so much for these awesome games

This app is so adorable!i love it! BUT! The ads are always the same! But! THE PANDAS,IJUST SO SO ADORE THEM SO MUCH thank you! I love this game its so cute! Many ads but five stars for the baby pandas

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