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[Game] Merchant Master

Merchant MasterThere was a young man who dreamed of becoming a wealthy and powerful merchant, with the hope of becoming the richest man in the world. Recruit talents, obtain pets, and meet your beloved beauties. From a humble merchant to the master of merchant empire, this is the way of merchant!

Game Features

1. Nostalgic scenery and beautiful view:
With full ink wash painting graphics, this game presents you a fully recreated ancient prosperous town.

2. Manage the best business in town:
In this thriving town, there are various business to run: bank, grocery store, tavern. Start from scratch, work your way up to the master!

3. Recruit all the talents:
Magician, taylor, jester, poet, all the talents from each profession are here to aid you. They are the best at their time, now it’s time for you to shine in this ancient era.

4. Meet the beloved:
Travel through the world and meet all the charming gorgeous ladies. The lovely maid, exotic princess, female general, who will accompany with you along the way to the very top?

5. Raise offsprings:
Raise children with your beloved; male, female and even twins. Then look for a matching partner within the fellow merchants, to bond together with marriage; thus creating a strong merchant empire.

6. Mythical beast, spiritual pet:
Either a house cat or a mythical beast, you will be able to collect them in this game. Exploring in the deep forest, traveling across the sea, pets will grant you a great boost in the world full of business war.

Merchant Master user reviews :

Game is decent. It could use a lot of refinement though, it gets super slow after you hit about level 10 and it basically requires you to spend money if you want to progress at anything more than an abysmal pace. It’s very basic and has quite a few things to do but, after the slow pace, I’ve Uninstalled it, it’s a decent game but it loses its shine after level 10 or so.

I have been playing for almost three months now and I personally loved everything about it. The art is amazing and the concept is very refreshing. However, the latest update infuriated me. It is an obvious attempt to push people into paying to win which is a greedy move. The essence of the game is destroyed by now and I hope the developers will realize that they are runing the game. Items that were needed became unavailable and limited, it’s not even worth it to play anymore. Hope it is fixed.

If you don’t care about ranking or hard work, then it’s an alright game. You can get pretty far without spending money so long as you collect the daily rewards and complete quests. You might end up on a server where no one speaks your language because most servers are overcrowded. No third-party ads disrupting gameplay, but there are a lot of “pay to play” pop-ups that are totally optional. (Just play Trading Legend, instead.)

Way too many things to do right from the start! Its just an information overload for me. Maybe keep some feature locked untill certain point, don’t bombard new players with tasks, talent, spirit animals, etc. On the plus side, graphics is good, character design is nice and the game feels lite overall. Conclusion: good game but needs better pacing for new players

Interesting game, but EVERYTHING seems to be developed to tempt you into spending more, creating inconvenience to the players on purpose. From the fact that some event rewards must be claimed in the 5 minutes after the event ends or you get nothing, to the basic resources to upgrade idle buildings that are rare and expensive and of which you need dozens, and hundreds in the future I imagine. Too bad. Not gonna waste time on a game like this, this is a game for them to fish whales

This game is a simple idle game; what ticked me off were the advertisements that gave false gameplay. The graphics were nice and had an antique, traditional feel; like most idle games, the repetition gets boring, and the interface is a bit too packed with buttons you don’t need to touch yet. I don’t think this game is very unique in this modern age.

Its a good idle game really. Ranking Events left and right, rewards are a bit lacking for those below top 20, but so much resources needed for upgrades. And like most of its genre, you need to spend a good amount to get/stay ahead (especially if you’re competitive). And that is understandable. But there’s a limit to what a casual gamer like me, am willing to spend. Long story short, I had fun atleast and I recommend you try it out first.

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