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Baby Panda Care  The “Daily Habits” series from BabyBus are here! In this new App, BabyBus will help little babies form the following habits:

1. Put clothes on correctly.
2. Use the bathroom in the right order.
3. Correct behaviors of a picky eater.
4. Put away toys and books on their own.
5. Wash hands often, routinely wash face and brush teeth.

Kids, come with Baby Panda and take care of little babies. Help them get dressed, put on shoes, eat food and use the bathroom. Help them form healthy daily habits and keep them healthy.

Help the little girl put on a suspender skirt, then a jacket to keep her warm. Don’t forget to pick out a pair of nice shoes for her!

Help choose food for well-balanced meal! Drag the food to their spoons and help them practice eating habits!

Help the little girl who is washing clothes! Use brush and soap to clean the stains, then rinse the bubbles off and hang out the clean clothes under the sun.

The little boy can’t hold it anymore. Take him to the bathroom. After using the bathroom, don’t forget to flush the toilet and wash your hands!

The sun has set, time for little babies to sleep! Wash face, brush teeth and put toys away before going to bed! Good night, little babies.

A new day has begun. It’s morning again, time for little babies to get up. Kids, take care of them and help them form more healthy daily habits!

About BabyBus

At BabyBus, we dedicate ourselves to sparking kids’ creativity, imagination and curiosity,and designing our products through the kids’ perspective to help them explore the world on their own.

Now BabyBus offers a wide variety of products, videos and other educational content for over 400 million fans from ages 0-8 around the world! We have released over 200 children’s educational apps, over 2500 episodes of nursery rhymes and animations of various themes spanning the Health, Language, Society, Science, Art and other fields.

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Baby Panda Care user reviews :

It is good for me i love it and i like it because i’m 5 years old i played all the games I love it i know why google play dont play me grownup games games but i played all the kids games it is the best game i never played

Nice habbits for kids ! My baby twins love this

The graphics are great and the gameplay is fun! This app is perfect for a kid like me. I also recommend to turn off the wifi connection if the game is offline so the ads may not bother you and still this game is not for adults! Only Kids! and that’s my feedback..Thanks And Have A Nice Day!

This game is fun because it helps children’s to learn more about to keep the house clean

I love this game but i love the old more pls bring the old back

All baby bus games are very good for kids and in every games l see that every games it is a special thing to note that the animations of every games of baby bus is high quality and impressive

This is very important and easy game And all the games of baby panda,s games are very excited and playful

Its very createfull and its have a big mb that i give it 3 star

I do like the game.But I think it needs to make the girl & boy wash the face after thiey brush their teeth.!!

It is very easily and habits game. My baby play and learn habits

This game is fine but toilet is discussing because it is inappropriate so I gave it 3 star ok and is pretty fun.

I love it and my parents love it because it’s a learning opportunity because people are sometimes Nancy and they don’t and they don’t like people so this game is perfect for for some of my friends so can you send it to my friend because I really want to send this to my friends thank you

I love this game so much i want to download habits i love daily habits my favorite youtuber is my little pony just like fluttershy rarity twilight sparkle applejack and rainbow dash and spike i haven’t played i’m so lucky because i’m 5 years old

This game is very nice and there are cute boy and girl I like it keep it up

My daughter loves this game and I love it when I was okay but I don’t think why I’m asking for is a good time to come by and get it to you tomorrow morning at the latest App

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