Balls Crush – Relax your brain

[Game] Balls Crush – Bricks Breaker

Balls CrushThree lives. Limited time. Break all the bricks. Sliding the bar, aiming and shoot the ball!

Balls Crush – Bricks Breaker is a classic and exciting brick break game. Launch the ball to break the bricks. Pick up the props to split your ball into hundreds, then, easy to pass the level. Relax your brain in Balls Crush – Bricks Breaker and have a good time.

1. Simple operation, great happiness.
2. Simple graphics, refreshing crushes.
3. Powerful props to help you through the level.
4. Dozens of balls to choose from, use your personality ball to challenge the level.
5. Hundreds of well-designed levels are fun and challenging and are constantly being updated.

Have fun in the exciting Balls Crush – Bricks Breaker. Share your happiness with your friends and family and play together.

Balls Crush user reviews :

I’ve finished all the levels. Very fun seeing new levels and thinking about the best way to crush the bricks as quickly as possible. Critiques: the timer isn’t adjusted to the quantity of bricks in each level. You have the same amount of time if it’s only a small mushroom house, as you get for a massive trebleclef trapped in unbreakable bricks. Too many ads. Ads between basically every two levels. The game is fun and addicting but unplayable without turning off your WiFi.

Good game, the ads aren’t that bad at all, only 5 or so seconds until it gives you the option to skip. That’s the only bad thing about this game, a 5 second ad, every 3 or so levels. no bother at all. The game itself is very satisfying and relaxing. Would defo recommend playing this, than watching all that on social media

Really only doing this cause im sick of the constant popups asking me to. Game overall is pretty good and the 99 cent no ads is worth it…except that now i cant get any ads to load for extra rewards. And the 3 star timer is the exact same for every level no matter its difficulty or size. Could be better but its fun enough to keep it for now

Nice fun game. Ads are annoying, but able to skip after 5 seconds. Would be nice if there were levels you had to complete with only 1 ball.

I really do enjoy this game. This wasn’t even originally the game I was planning to download, but it is fun and challenging. There seems to be endless levels and they do get a bit difficult. I am pleased with this happy accident!

Could be way more enjoyable if the levels were a bit more challenging and creative. I never lose which makes it boring.

It’s not a terrible game, turn off Wi-Fi and/or data for ads to stop. It’s a great time killer and it takes a few games to get use to. Why in the world is it not appropriate for children.

I really like this game, i wish I could give it 5 stars but I can’t. The game crashes and I can’t play past level 48. Idk what to do because I really really love this game

Very nice ads are short so you can get back to the game. I really like the different designs. Good way to relax

I don’t know what’s wrong with the game I have been playing for a while and suddenly the game kept crashing when I open any level I don’t know what happend I really hope this issue gets fixed because I really enjoy this game and I really want to play it ASAP

I guess I’ll be uninstalling this now I’ve completed all 430 levels in 3 days….Hame is too easy, in my opinion….Hence the 3 stars

It’s an amazing offline game not much ads and so much fun time killer

Its fun and great to play reason i made this only four star because it has alot of ads

I would recommend u to play it cuz it’s so satisfying and there no lag or bug

Very very good game Add new and unlimited level early Advance thanks

Very nice game. It has more and more levels its realy super game

Very nice game.plz add unlimited levels on next update.

It’s amazing game and it relaxed my mind and my opinion is

Just download it and you will come back and thank me for recommanding you guys.

That game is the very beauty I am enjoy the night and day

The best game is so fun like I can play this game whole day I so good

I really enjoyed this game and the kind of experience it brings

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