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Band Live RockWhy use Band Live Rock?

Have fun with a full band to play live music in this free sequencer and mixer simulator. Five apps in one: become a hero on Drumming, Guitar, Piano, Bass and microphone for singing. Mix your tracks in your mobile phone or tablet.

In Band Live Rock you have a multitrack recording studio. You can enjoy a single instrument, or you can expand your creativity composing full songs, recording individually each instrument, while listening the rest.

Record your tracks and show them to your friends later. Play music loud with headset for a superior experience. Band Live Rock is designed for everyone: from beginners who want to learn musical instruments to advanced musicians that want expand its creativity in a portable DAW.

The main features are:

Compatible with external MIDI controllers
Easy-to-use app containing multiple instruments
The minimum latency you will find in Android.
Sound bank sets recorded with studio quality.
Record an unlimited list of tracks
Full 81-keys piano and full 19-frets guitar and bass
Advanced drum set with double bass and left-hand mode
Full Digital Audio Workstation with multitracks, BPM control, different sections per track
Edition mode: duplicate or delete your tracks, change Zoom in and Zoom out for the song
Edit your sections or parts: you can move, copy and paste, delete, transpose or change velocity for each section. More features coming soon!
Mix your tracks with advanced features, like Solo, Mute or set individually volumes
Export your projects to multiple audio formats: MIDI, OGG and MP3.
Playback position control
Autosave mode.
Band Live Rock is free, but you can acquire a permanent license for removing ads and receive new exclusive features in the future

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Band Live Rock user reviews :

Honestly, there’s not too many apps where you can combine bass, drums, and guitar like this one. The only problem I have with this app is the way that the bass and guitar work. You can’t tap on separate frets, so you have to play just the root note of certain chords, which doesn’t give you much to work with. Overall, I love the app. I would definitely recommend this to someone who is looking to make an alarm, or just a catchy jingle.

  • Thank you for your feedback. To address your concern about the bass and guitar, you can disable the chord mode in the top bar of each instrument to access separate frets. We appreciate your recommendation and hope this improves your experience with the app.

Really fun, just needs a bit of a UI improvement, including loops, note grid/piano roll, and maybe beat making machine… Other than that top notch!

I really like this app! Its an easy way to make music. But i do wish there was a way to loop the intstuments without having to copy and past (unless there is and i just cant find it) and for some reason i cant import mp3 files but like i said the app is good i just wish you were able to loop the instuments and the mp3 import worked

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’re considering adding a looping option for instruments in future updates, including repeated drum loops in various styles. Regarding MP3 import, please ensure the files are truly encoded in MP3 format, not just a container; using something like LAME might help.

I bought the whole app and was wondering why I’m still getting ads all the time. Should definitely make it so that whoever buys the full version doesn’t have ads. Especially when the ads are 3 times louder than what I’m making in the app

  • We apologize for the inconvenience. The update to version 5.1.1 (just released) should have fixed the issue.

I love this App the Sounds the Variety the Fact it’s Available Offline. I really get a lot of Satisfaction Playing this Masterpiece. Bravo Great Work Thank You & God Bless You Developer I’d love to see More from your Genius Mind. P.S. & it Rocks Folks cause it’s Free just watch an Add to get Additional Achievements it’s Really a Beautiful App that I Recommend & Give it its 5 star Worthy Rating & Review as should you if you Download. For Any Music Fan/Lover!

Hi guys…. It’s me again… Let me just straight to the point… This app became delay in touch for my new device, I can’t follow the metronome timing and it became messy with my compost… On my old device it’s run smoothly… Thanks

  • Hi there! It’s great to hear from you again. The delay issue you’re experiencing with touch responsiveness and metronome timing on your new device is unusual, as it might indicate higher than expected CPU usage. Has this continued even after the latest updates? Your feedback as an excellent user has helped us a lot. Thanks for letting us know

I do like the game I just wish that there was more options of music and that U could maybe copy some real songs and make them into your own but mostly it’s a from me

  • Thank you for your feedback! You can actually import MIDI files in project creation to have all the tracks available, or import a real song’s MP3 file from the Tracks screen and then add tracks to it. We’re glad you’re enjoying the app and appreciate your suggestions for more music options.

Exceptional app accept for the pausing and freezing as if my accounts have an overlay or privacy setting that I’m unaware of personally i think theres a transparency app or spam malfunction or virus set to my ss profile since i was young my whole life felt as if i was being forced out or pushed away by everyone as if it was a conveyor belt or controller handling my every move. Possibly explain why i was the one left out/pushed no shoved deeper into a corner can’t understand y was never included?

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