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My Piano PhoneMy Piano Phone turns your phone into Piano, Guitar, Organ, Trumpet, Violin, Xylophone, Saxophone, Bell… or any musical instrument that you desire to play with real sound quality.

My Piano Phone is a full piano learning, playing and music creation studio app right inside your phone or tablet. You can play piano through the phone’s touch screen anywhere you go. Simple design features, intuitive, easy to use, it’s easy to learn, play piano and record your favorite songs.

With My Piano Phone, you can learn to play piano with your favorite music from simple to complex and different types of instruments. You can also become a drummer with the drum feature and many lessons for drums from easy to difficult. In addition, you can also save the piano songs you have played and shared with everyone.

Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Organ, Trumpet, Violin, Xylophone, Saxophone, Bell
Full Keyboards of Piano
Chords mode
Multi Touch
One, two or mirror keyboard for two players at a time
Mode to display flying notes and sheet music
Lot of songs to learn and play, easy to search songs
Import from or Export to midi files
Piano Tiles game is included for the first time.
And many other features are waiting for you to discover…

To stay active, the application only displays a small banner ad at the bottom of the screen and never displays ads when playing the piano as well as pop-up ads. If you don’t want you can hide this banner ads whenever you want.
We always respect our users.

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My Piano Phone user reviews :

This is a really good app, easy to use and understand. Adjustable settings, simple yet complex enough. There’s chords and musical notes to learn along. A lot of songs to play along, with falling notes. I especially like the 5cm per second and Tori no Uta from Air songs. You can put in your own midi too. Thank you!

It was really a beautiful and wonderful app and I really loved it and everything was clear and perfect and every feature was perfect in it and I think I didn’t find any mistake and it’s really a good app which you can easily learn piano and other you can choose this app for your proper learning

The piano is beautiful and encouraging to listen to because there is a lot of music on the piano. and I would just say that I’m not interested in the part where you play (music piano) because it’s confusing and doesn’t have the right control pls fix that some stars don’t get booting please make us teach ourselves through this game instead of the piano itself, god job

This app is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m able to work on my key recognition and ear training without having to sit at a keyboard or piano.

U won’t regret downloading this app… But something to be added on this app is to enable a user to download a song he want I think it will help

A solid app that provides a functional keyboard with the essential required capabilities. There are only three things preventing me from giving this five stars: 1) It does not save the settings that you most recently used which means you have to change them every time you open the app; 2) Note setting, which allows you to see the staff, only shows a treble clef but it would be nice to also have the option to switch it to a bass clef; 3) Provide the ability to set a key signature for the clef

I absolutely love how many song tutorials this app has. I would like to be able to pause it, though. You can slow the tempo down, though, which is a great way to learn songs anyway. They have made as good a phone app as it gets with the features you need to learn to play piano. I don’t actually play the songs on my phone,(fingers fat,phone small)but this collection of tutorials is a great companion to my piano. The piano phone isalso useful for composing melodies while using a sheet music app.

  • Thank you for your review! You can touch the “Hand” icon to pause the song and change the “Tempo” in the settings window. Have fun!

All I wanted was a simple little touch keyboard piano to play around with when I wasn’t at home, and this is exactly what I wanted. I don’t bother with any of the pre set songs or other voices. I just sound out melodies and chords and it’s perfect. I also really like how you can shift the on screen keyboard over note by note as well as by octave. Nice app; non intrusive ads. Thanks to the developers for doing such a great job!

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