Baseball Home Run – Build your own dream team

[Game] Baseball Home Run

Baseball Home RunClash with baseball players around the world and build your own dream team!

Enjoy fast 1v1 multiplayer baseball experience with batting, pitching and super easy to understand team building!

Play Baseball Home Run to become the grand champion of the game in 2k23!

 Game Features
Quick 5 minutes live ball games!
Hit smashing home runs out of the ballpark
Play two 6 pitch innings each to decide the winner
Choose from a roster of over 20 players
Strategise by choosing between various batters and pitchers
Play around the world with locations like San Francisco, Tokyo and Seoul!

Build your Team!
Create a team with various combinations of 4 batters and 3 pitchers!
Choose between pitchers who can pitch Fast Balls, Breaking Balls and any other pitches
Unlock and load COMMON, RARE and EPIC players by opening packs!
Upgrade your player stats and unlock additional pitches!

Become the Grand Champion of the World!
Win in the leagues to zoom all the way from Rookie, Semi Pro all the way up to the Grand Champion League
Play and fight among the top 100 most prestigious ranks of the game!
Show of your team to the whole world by holding the top spot in this baseball game

Are you ready to start your baseball career?

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Baseball Home Run user reviews :

brilliant however the new update has kind of ruined the game with all the players popping up and the diamond flying around is really really distracting .. it was much better before. Also the on pitch action is now too close up and in your was better when there was more depth in the visuals and you could see everything. Really sorry but sometimes perfection shouldnt be touched and you had that. For that reason I have downgraded the game to 1 stars from 5

The game gets stuck every now and then. The coins get deducted even for a match that didn’t even finish. Also, there are several glitches. The run outs, the catches sometimes don’t get counted.

Game will freeze or say waiting for opponent U wait and nothing happens forcing u to back out and u lose your coins! Hits that should be a triple only go for a double, poor base running I.Q poor fielding I.Q other than that game is pretty fun! But no customer support to dispute loss of coins on games that the game glitches

The game is fun until it just freezes up out of nowhere and you lose your coins for that match even if you was winning. Very annoying and not fair. FIX THAT PLEASE. How many reviews do I have to see sayin the same thing??

well I think this could be a lot better. nobody on base two out.hit a home run and win 3 -0.. or it’s a draw 0 -0 hit a single and win 1 -0 nobody on base..stupid.. can’t advance runners. can’t do a lot of things..needs work for sure but it’s ok after you just get used to the stupid game play..but if you want a more serious game play..I wouldn’t recommend this one for sure..

Pitching is not much fun. It’s frustrating and passive. If the basketball offering is any indication of the work involved in building a team here, it’s a hard pass from me.

The players will just walk and get thrown out when they clearly could have made it to base. The batting is too easy so you usually get like 10 runs an inning.

it’s a good game. kinda reminds me of MLB the show except it’s a bit easy. Hope to see more content in the following future updates. keep it up.

The game is good but there is a glitch. Sometimes it stopped in the match. As a result I have to quit the game and I lost my coin. You should solve the problem as soon as possible.

simple. fun. slightly challenging. batting is simple but pitching is an art. play around with it. typical pay to play pay to open card packs.. but good over all

would like to not wait so long to unlock packs but other than that it’s pretty fun will start higher if it didn’t take so long to unlock pack

good game to pass time, quick rounds, PvP a little hard to judge ball when batting, its more like a guess when to swing.

one of the best online baseball game has good graphics with great control.if you wanna play online baseball game in low size you should play this game.Its so cool and awesome

the game most of the time hangs while the batter is running towards other pole.

Love this game , this game is awesome i am addicted to this game the new version is awesome , miniclip games is really amazing

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