Baseball Play – Feel the joy of ending the turnaround

[Game] Baseball Play – Real-time PVP

Baseball Play  The real match begins at the end of the 9th inning 1 out.

Feel the joy of ending the turnaround through the thrilling runner situation!

And complete your career by challenging over 100 stages that evoke a sense of challenge!
You can feel real baseball with simple operation.

Download and play for free today!

An exciting baseball battle with players from all over the world~!
Feel the joy of easy operation and baseball psychological warfare!

Easily operated by anyone!
Throwing the ball into the strike zone
Hit when the ball enters the strike zone!
Exciting hits with simple controls, and challenging home runs with accurate timing!

Real-time battle!
Real-time matching with players from all over the world!
Baseball is more fun with various modes such as Quick match, Rank match, friend battles, and limited-time tournaments.

World challenge as an original unknown player!
Acquire and enhance players with different abilities and traits to make a difference for your team!
Each pitcher has a set of pitches that can be thrown.
The batter is set in a position that can be positioned as an infielder or an outfielder.

100+ stages!
Attack the stage with your own lineup and feel the challenge!
The best computer AI and fierce baseball battle unfold.

Compete with your friends!
You can compete with your friends for free through friendly matches anytime, anywhere.

A network connection is required to play this game.
A simple, casual baseball game, playable with users all around the world!

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Baseball Play user reviews :

Great game. Won’t load past 99% the only way to get the game to open is to uninstall and reinstall it.

Enjoying the game. Different from other baseball games I play. Thanks for fixing the loading issue. I definitely recommend trying this game.
  • Hand On Games Co., Ltd.
  • Hello, this is a baseball play team. Confirmation is complete. Please understand that you have kept us waiting. thank you.

Takes some getting used to in game mode but I like the ability to practise batting, and I look forward to the homerun derby chapter opening up.

What a shame it looked fun.,can’t connect to server. I have 5G lte and I have no other problems with any other games.
  • Hand On Games Co., Ltd.
  • Hello, this is the baseball team. It seems unfortunate that the inconvenience caused by the connection. Currently, it has been confirmed that the connection to our game is okay. This can happen if your network isn’t smooth, or if your Wi-Fi connection isn’t smooth. Please check your network or Wi-Fi connection. I want to have a pleasant day
This game is more rigged than any I played your controls are worse than any out there also
  • Hand On Games Co., Ltd.
  • Hello team owner Baseball play team. Corrected through the department in charge. You can now play the game normally. Thank you.

This is really well made baseball game.

Can’t play at all… Keeps taking me to a screen that tells me to use an updates version next time then blows me back to playstore. Ugh?
  • Hand On Games Co., Ltd.
  • If the update does not work, please follow the procedure below. 1. Open your device’s Settings app. 2. Tap Apps & notifications and then App info or See all apps. 3. Tap Google Play Services. 4. Tap Storage and then Clear cache. 5. Tap Clear storage and then Clear all data and then OK. thank you.

Decent game, deff a time killer

Latest Update :

Here’s what’s new in the latest Baseball Play update:

Daily event open
Improvement of campaign tutorial
Change of national buff consumables and increase of time
Improvement of main lobby
Improvement of batting practice conditions
Several known bugs have been fixed!

Thank you for downloading the latest Baseball Play update.

Contact developer :


Video :

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