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[Game] Basketball Grand Slam2024

Basketball Grand Slam2024Basketball Grand Slam 2024 is a real-time basketball competitive game. The real dynamic capture system creates a 3D basketball world!

Real Stadium, Legendary Players
In the seaside park, next to the bar street, and under the flyover, multiple real stadiums can be switched at will! Prefer long shot? Like slam dunk? Many legendary stars gathered together! Players of different professions, skills, and characteristics form a variety of super lineups, which bring a variety of gameplay and tactical coordination, and the show is under your control.

Real-time competition, Multiple ways to play

The game uses real-time synchronization technology to ensure fair competition between players. Smooth operation and silky touch. Invite friends to form a team to open a room, or play a solo game anytime, anywhere to show your skills. 3v3 qualifying match, bullfighting grand prix, casual shooting match and other modes, how you want to win in the new season is up to you!

Hundreds of fashions, Thousands of collocations

Hundreds of fashions to wear at will! From head to toe, nothing is left behind, you are the focus of attention in the entire stadium! The fashion is updated regularly, you can wear the most fashionable clothes to defeat your opponents.

Fancy moves, Showing off opponents
Backhand windmill, dunks from the free throw line, back-up jumpers, and a variety of action combinations. There are so many celebrations after scoring a goal, which ignites the audience!

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Basketball Grand Slam2024 user reviews :

It is a very good game love it. It needs some improvements 4 main things really. 1. It needs better camera angles I want be closer to the action like 2k 2. It needs better graphics 3. Don’t clutter the main menu make it look welcoming 4. Maybe make a little map that you spawn in kinda like 2k. ( if u added these I would never stop playing)

Best 3v3 game I’ve played hands down. Nice graphics n all. Only issue I have is, after a while the site crashes. I can’t access the game. ?, how can you expect gamers to spend money on the app and then it crashes? Not cool. I’m glad I didn’t spend alot. This has happened on other games as well. This one was the first I ever spent money on. Outside that issue, it was the best I enjoyed it while it lasted. Only thing left to say, buyer beware

  • You can contact us and provide your device information, etc. and let us help you solve the problem。support[at]

The joystick control on this game DOES NOT work at all & that’s the tutorial menu. No matter how many times or where you shift it, the character does nothing but stand in one spot. I’m pretty sure all the other buttons won’t work either. I’ve also updated my software to Android 6, but the issue still persist. I’m using a “Samsung A24” by way.

  • Please tell me what problems you encountered. You can contact official customer service to solve them support[at]

Okay… you mean this game can’t run on a 2gb RAM phone. Anytime I log in, the game just straight up closes and I have to reopen it then it closes again. It’s not fair, I think the main aim of a game is for fun and inclusivity. We have games like NBA infinite running smoothly on 1gb ram phones yet they are way bigger games. Honestly I would have given you a 4 star but the crashing makes me want to give you a 1. Hope the developers work on that since it’s a new game.

Game is actually quite good for the most part. There are a few issues here and there, controls getting mixed or joystick going the wrong way. Low latency will amplify this issue to nearly unplayable. The only reason I’m not giving this game the 4/5 it deserves is the chat filter. You can hardly say anything with the ai generated list of “curse words” banned. For some people this may not seem like a huge issue, most of the chatters probably do. You have VC anyways, I could say anything on it.

  • Please tell me what problems you encountered. You can contact official customer service to solve them support[at]

I don’t no why this happened but everyday when I open the game first time in a day and start playing match the game is crashed I don’t know why this happens I have to reboot the game second time to play please solve this problem otherwise the is very good thank you.

Basically Blitz version of NbA. Games aren’t annoying & i wish more people Tap the Mic on during game. A plus is this game has sprint & gets interesting. Clever nicknames & costumes for the Star players. Kobe looks dope as Black Panther

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