Big Win Football 2024 – Become the General Manager

[Game] Big Win Football 2024

Big Win Football 2024Play the Ultimate Football Management Game – Big Win Football 2024!

Become the General Manager and create your dream team in Big Win Football 2024, the top football strategy game! Experience the thrill of victory in intense football battles!

Key Features:

BUILD YOUR DREAM TEAM with all-star players and save up for the best ones!
FULL CUSTOMIZATION: Tailor your team and players to your strategy!
STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY: Watch your team in action and lead them with powerful BIG IMPACT cards!
GLOBAL COMPETITION: Face off against teams worldwide!
SKILL BOOSTS: Enhance player abilities with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum cards!

Exciting Game Modes:

BIG BOWLS: Climb the rankings in daily challenges!
TOURNAMENTS: Compete globally in limited-time events for massive rewards!
QUICK PLAY: Test your tactics in fast-paced matches!

“The Best Football game on mobile! Extremely addictive!” – TMuzz39

Why Big Win Football 2024?

EASY TO PLAY, challenging to master: perfect for all players!
DAILY REWARDS: Keep playing to improve your team!
REGULAR UPDATES: New features & players regularly added!
Download Big Win Football 2024 now for FREE and kick off your journey to football glory!

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Big Win Football 2024 user reviews :

I understand there can be issues with major game updates. I hope these lingering issues will be addressed soon. However, I’d hope you would have added some more game options…like different formations, a option to go for it on 4th down, an option to chose different cards at half time, control your timeouts, etc. Just some suggestions. For now, the game is a bit worse than before with upgraded cartoonist graphics.

This game is alright, although there’s this issue where when I try to watch an ad for free coins it would say something like “Failure to make connection”, especially when I do watch an ad it wouldn’t give me the coins. Also I think it would be a good idea if you can also upgrade and train your players as well.

I’ve been playing this game on and off for at least 5 years now and this update is 3 steps back. The player cards don’t actually look like people now, used to be able to get a free impact and free player pack once a day, player packs came with contracts and training cards, and now super add heavy. Took a great game with minimal ads and tried to turn it into an add revenue machine.

Update from the previous incarnation is worse then awful. The game play looks good but will glitch and lag almost instantly making it unplayable. Ugly, confusing and SMALL text on UI to start. Cards have such small text I can’t read them. This ,”update” is horrible. Please bring back the previous version, there’s no way I can play this. You even screwed up my team’s jersey that I’ve had for the last 12 years.

I been playing Big Win Football since 2021. I like this game. I’m happy that they updated it. Some fixes have been made since the last update. The mechanics is much better since I first started playing in 2021. Thanks for the update. James P.S. It’s a good game to pass time. Remind me to start the weekly bowl challenges. Thanks for your cooperation.

We all love this game but if you add better equipment like visor on football helmets practice training for to upgrade and make the players better. Playoffs season mode we need that because so we don’t keep playing bowl games and trophy presentation to show are awards and mvp and hall of fame and easy mode to make the game easy Championship rings and trophy and instead of watching we control are players custom team logos and pictures from goggle.

Graphics is so much better than it used to be but my problem with this is that it ignores my attack instructions, whenever I set my offence to pass mode 80% of my offensive play becomes a run game, happens every single time and costs me wins please fix and update this

Great graphics but we want to edit players equipment and cleats and visors and spats on cleats we need season mode because so we can have Championship games we need trophy presentations and championships rings and hall of Fame and we can pick difficulties and friendly battles again and new design Bowl trophies and show trophies we won please and MVP awards on your own ten and friend game championships and add your friends in your league and custom coach and can we control the player moves.

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