Battery Low – Just tap on time and aim at the target

[Game] Battery Low

Battery LowTap on time to charge your phone and deliver it to the charge point! It’s a perfect time to save the low battery and your phone too!

The Mobile phone is out of battery, and you have a zillion ways to put it on the charger! Just tap on time and aim at the target!

Make a clear strategy before you make your move, you don’t want to break your phone!

Throw it and deliver it precisely to the charger at the perfect time! You are the one that controls the moves!

But, be careful, you don’t wanna hit an obstacle because that way you will lose and won’t get to the charge point!

Explore different ways to achieve the level’s goal by taking action at the perfect time!

Use your logic to create a good strategy to plug all the devices on a charger at the same time before you see the battery low sign.

Become the repair master when you tap on time and save your phone and other devices from turning off. Get new cool phone cases every time you win!

The only problem is, will you be able to tap on time and deliver it to the charge point? You have to, it’s a perfect time for phone charging!

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Battery Low user reviews :

It doesn’t take much brain power to fly through this game, basically there is no challenge whatsoever unless you purposefully try to lose, that’s when the gamw gets most entertaining. It is also very heavy on the ads. You probably won’t play this any longer after the first ten minutes and it’ll likely stay collecting dust on my ‘shelf’ full of games like this

A modest skill challenge that quickly starts to repeat itself. There’s only a few dozen truly unique levels, which you’ll get through in no time. Naturally, it’s nothing more than a front for another in a sea of ad farms thinly veiled as a “game.”

It doesn’t wait or stop whenever I slide it or touch it if the screen is touched it move itself only and it includes some technical problem some it taking to much time to open and by the way some time my phone is also hanged by this game At all i am not happy

The ratio is ad heavy. Now that ads are longer with more closures, the game time is only about 40 percent on first perception. Watching videos for longer game time might be an option here

When I played the game the app hade many ads and the game crashed my phone for 1 dollar but the game is very fun ad a little addictive I find the game fun but I will like this to stop so my rating is a 3

Its a good game, but they took the idea of Stacky Dash on level 9. I would’ve gave it a 5 star rating, but because of that I gave it a 4.

I have to show you for the battery battery low game the longest one you have to download it all the games so we have to play this all the games the kitty games they’re going to be so cute so weird and we get all the kitties play the game and download them for free download all games and we play play human fall flat the free games . hhhhh the other house I told you that’d all the time I told her that all

totally unrealistic the first level you phone it’s the fruit in the butt it cracks and backflips like a blown up car

It’s really easy and I really like it because the graphics are good and if you lose at least you get to try again and it’s so much fun so that’s why I’m giving a five-star raining so there you go that’s the reason why I like it thank you for reading this if you did thank you and you should probably give it a five-star rating because it’s really good so thank you for reading this comment

Good, But it has ads but when you put arplane mode the ads don’t come bye.

I rele like it so much its just so fun but I am spric that there are no ads for me its released good and I just love it

I really don’t know what to rate this app as I gave 3starsthough I’m just not sure, reason being is the fact that I had been asked to rate it before I had gotten to even check it out at all it looks as could be fun, stupid easy so boring is the end result of the app but hay thanks to any and all who will take time to read this! Rosa

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.

So fun its the best game and reminds me about tiktok phone trickshots would recomend told all my friends about this game

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