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Onmyoji – The Card Game

Onmyoji Onmyoji: The Card Game, a spinoff of Onmyoji, is a duel card mobile game.

Hundreds of top painters and voice actors joined forces with the development team to create a paradise of Yokai.

Step into Shinkiro, the mysterious tower ship city, and explore the promised land of Yokai. Here you will have a taste of the Hyakubun—a card game that got the Yokai into a frenzy.

Beautiful Japanese style artwork
Onmyoji: The Card Game inherits the aesthetic style from Onmyoji, with an exquisite Japanese fantasy style for the card drawings and scene design. Board the sky cruise now and explore fairyland of Yokai. An amazing audiovisual experience is waiting for you!

Thrilling strategic card duel
You may choose 4 Shikigami for your duel, each can bring 8 exclusive cards. Build your deck with strategy and fight it out in the combat zone. A fast takedown with an aggression deck or a dazzling OTK with a Combo deck? It’s your choice.

Shikigami with personality jumping out of the card
The art team crafted hundreds of cards with exquisite original artwork. And with the live2D technology, the lifelike appearance and unique story of each Yokai are brought to life. Choose the Shikigami you like, become friends with them, and join the battle!

Interesting storyline
On the giant tower ship, Shinkiro, interesting Yokai stories are being told. Win more duels to unlock storyline. Listen to the tales of Shikigami’s life and find out the hidden sides of them.

Run your own shop in Shotengai
The Shotengai system allows you to open up a traditional Japanese style shop. As the owner, you may decorate it to your liking and draw in Shikigami patrons for same extra earnings!

Official site: www.onmyoji-card.com
Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/OnmyojiCardGame
Official Youtube:  www.youtube.com/channel/UCl45kCvmxSgfe81fjFHGL0Q

Onmyoji user reviews :

Loving everything about this game – the storyline, the deck-building system, the artstyle, everything! I just have one small nitpick, though – almost everytime I switch between menus, a voice saying “いいですね~~” keeps playing, and it’s honestly starting to grate on me because I can’t turn it off. So far, that’s the only complaint I have.

I absolutely love this game! Makes me appreciate the characters a lot more since not all are used in the original onmyoji game! I would give it a five however I can never connect to the server via wifi at all? Idk if its a glitch or just the way it is but its a lil frustrating!

This game has long and boring entering story sequence. It took me two weeks to tear through it and it did no justice to truly interesting gameplay. It different from other CCG in a good way and now I found myself playing regularly. Love the game, love the japanese entourage. And love monetisation that not trying to suck my wallet dry. 5* from me.

Love this game very much,I have play omyoji for about 3 years and then play this, the graphics illustration are stunning and hit me very well. The story were okay to me. However I have change phone and when I wanted to open the game, the second time it just won’t let me log in. Although I can play on ipad but I still want to play on my phone whenever I can’t take my ipad. Please do something to help me log in thank you and will continue support the game.

The graphics and gameplay are fun. Especially the graphic though, beautiful. The story, however, is very boring in my opinion. Edit: I didn’t expect it to be 8 GB later on in the game for a card game.

Firstly, the game mission is just too little compare to onmyoji or onmyoji arena result in player don’t have things to fight for. Secondly, we need more event like fight card with AI, new story rather than just fight against players all the time and you should advertise your game more. Thirdly, the game is cute but the stories require white daruma coins which is random to drop even in rank match or player match. It is very irritating to play since that white daruma coins just don’t drop.

Phenomenal game. It’s a card game so you can build your roster of cards slowly or buy packs. The usual. The prices are fair. The cards are awake and the animations really drag you in to this immersive experience. Highly recommend it. Give it a go!

What a fantastic find! I can’t recommend it enough. The art and the animation is just gorgeous to look at and really elevates the game. The progression is fair for free players and there are no pay to win elements. The game itself is a fantastically designed card battle game. It’s complex, and would take a while to explain here, but it comes with a good tutorial. After learning my way around, the game seems deep, satisfying, and strategic. I really like the deck building system.

EDIT: There are some frustrating, game breaking glitches, but otherwise the actual game is perfect. For example, I was not allowed to use two cards in my hands. Another example was that I was not allowed to redraw a card from my starting hand. Please fix the bugs I actually love this game. It’s so fun and the gameplay feels unique. The art is amazing and the animations are smooth and beautiful. It’s everything I wanted from a card game, the aesthetics are just

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