Battery Mix – Graphs your battery usage info in detail

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Battery MixBattery Mix provides information about your battery and phone’s active apps.
As an added bonus, you can choose from a great variety of Battery icon styles.

Graphs your battery usage info in detail
Monitors active apps
Over 15 battery icon styles
Remaining charge bar displayed at the edge of the screen
Widget function
Battery status alarm
Lists historical log data
Estimates the time to fully charge and charge remaining

For security reasons, apps outside of GooglePlay cannot be installed while displaying the battery status bar. (It’s locked to prevent installation of unauthorized apps.)

Battery Mix user reviews :

This has to be by far, the most accurate and useful battery graph app for Android. I have been using this app for years and years on my various Android devices. Excellent! I highly recommend all to use this app. Kudos to the developer. I hope an update can be launched real soon to work without hitches on the Android 9.

Latest version shuts down – have used and liked this app for years, but latest version has stopped / shutdown multiple times while phone is sleeping. LG35.

it was the best. until it no longer works on the latest Android. :(. will install it again if there’s an update..

Good battery monitoring app… CPU graph not showing any more

Works real good and very informative. I’ve used it on at least 10 devices and was always satisfied. Can’t get tricky with the battery progress bar and permissions. Will use this app as long as it’s available.

Great battery monitoring app! Very good job by the dev, and it’s sure to improve in future releases. Edit: minus 1-star for no more color circle, booo!

I used to love charts and graphs. This app was great for tracking your battery usage and trends. Now it shuts down. It always shows the phone as off.

I’ve used a million apps of this type, and this one is simply the best of all. Only two caveats: (1) you can’t install non-market apps when the battery bar is on, but you only have to turn it off until the install is done, and (2) there’s really only one style for the widget that isn’t ugly as sin, but at I guess at least there’s one…

I REALLY wish you could control the theme (background color/shade) of the notification in the notification panel.

This app really lets the user know what’s going on with the device’s battery. Graphically displays usage, and what apps are using what % of the battery. The one and only widget is fortunately at a glance useful. Never mind the so-called “battery saver” apps, which are all placebos. Battery life is something you monitor and handle yourself, and this app performs that function oh so very well.

Best app…. but keep improvong inovativ new things.

Is it possible to have the temperature display as the notification instead of the charge level? Thank you!

I have had this installed for ages and I’m very happy with it. Favourite feature is the graph showing power used over time for each app. This allows you to understand which apps are draining you precious battery.

This is a good app but a recent update has made this app redundant as I save battery by not using it.. Please fix.

It’s been very helpful with identifying which apps drain my battery!

Very helpful to track down misbehaving apps

There is a GUI option that will make you know what is the level of the battery even if you’re using another app in full screen

Used to be one of my favourite apps but app cpu usage stopped working on Cm13.

Helped me identify the battery hogging apps much better than the android provided usage meter

It often comes in handy to see the overall statistics for the last couple of weeks to compare new apps/updates battery usage.

This is quite a useful tool sometimes for spotting misbehaving apps, but at other times none of its indicators explain why my battery drains so quickly for no apparent reason.

Forget about those battery saver apps, they’re pretty much useless. The only thing you need is to find whether a specific app is misbehaving, and battery mix helps you do just that. And obviously its going to drain your battery too, so be sure to disable it if you’re not looking for a misbehaving app.

This tool has helped myself and others learn how well the battery is performing and what processes are using the battery.

The battery bar is the most useful feature. The rest of the battery stats are OK but that battery bar is fantastic.

There are only a few Android apps that keep a graphical battery history. This one beats the other 2 hands down. Easy to read, has great data with it. (If you want to install an apk, just disable the bar first. Oh, and LOVE the two sequential 1:00’s). Excellent for checking/monitoring power sources.

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