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Battery Mix

Battery Mix monitors battery and processes. Various battery icons are provided.

Battery Mix monitors battery and processes of your phone and reports their status in various forms.
Various fancy “battery icons” are also provided.

– Beautiful and detailed graph enables you to figure out the history of the level, status and temperature of your battery. Even supports variable time scale.
– Supports process monitoring that enables to figures out drain history of each process.
– Provided various types of the battery icons.(More than 15 different design)
– Display bar for the remaining amount to the edge of the screen.
– Supports widget.
– Alarm function notifies you that the battery status is reached to specified condition.
– Supports log list of battery level, temp, voltage and status.
– Estimates the remaining time the battery to be empty or fully charged.

Battery Mix user reviews:

Offers a ton of information. Unless I’m missing something in the settings, the temp. is only offered in celsius, and it would be nice to have it available in fahrenheit. Otherwise, it’s quite admirable, and I’d love to see an option for a paid version minus the ads.

This app has everything and is very reliable too. No surprise it was designed and built in Japan! Please release a Windows 8 version too!

Phenomenal app, extremely pleased, zero complaints!

Very useful. The graph and statistics tell me accurately how and when the battery, display screen, WiFi, bluetooth and GPS are being used. One thing I would really like to be added is to also know when the 3G is used (like the WiFi, bluetooth, etc), but apart from that, it’s great.

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