Battle Towers – Feel the Incredible sense of power

[Game] Battle Towers – TD Royale RPG

Battle TowersA unique blend of Tower Defense game and Battle Royale RPG with fantasy cartoon heroes. Let’s play and enjoy!

Upgrade your little battle cart to a formidable multi-story moving castle hosting soldiers, archers, mages, cannons, lasers, and even airplanes and robots! Feel the Incredible sense of power.
Combo dozens of crazy defense modules and heroes with a variety of unique skills on your battle tower to ensure your survival against waves of monsters and epic bosses. Siege castles and clash with other towers battle royale style in this casual tower defense RPG game!
Join the newest server, take charge of your battle tower, and set off on a thrilling journey of fun now! No worries, we do NOT open new servers frequently like some other games.

The game is in English only (Solo inglés) (Apenas inglês) (Que l’anglais) (Только английский)

Game Features:

No Energy system! No random pop-up ads! All ads are tap-to-play for extra rewards.
Upgrade your little battle cart with only one hero to a formidable multi-story moving castle hosting soldiers, archers, mages, cannons, lasers, and even airplanes and robots! Incredible sense of growth!
Control hero skill usage in battle. Be it an ice storm freezing enemies in advance or a rain of arrows wreaking havoc on the enemy formation, you have the power!
Earn reward chests and instantly unlock them. No wait time! Unlike in some other battle royale or tower defense games.
Challenge other players’ war towers battle royale style in the Arena, earn reward chests, and see how high up in the rankings you can go!
Challenging boss stages will require some thinking. Tactically adjust battle tower modules to clear. Don’t be afraid to try multiple times.
Gold mines and conquered castles will produce Gold when you are offline, much like an idle game.
Cute royale cartoon style heroes, monsters, and bosses.

System Requirement:
Android: 9.0+
RAM: 3GB Minimum, 4GB+ Recommended
Storage: 1GB+ (500MB actually used)

For support, send us a message in-game or message Facebook Page:
Email for business use only.

Battle Towers user reviews :

Just played with it and I think it is fun to play. It is addictive coz you need to level up to get more stronger to attack the enemies. It’s a fun game indeed!The battle cart evolution is blast! Plus, no energy issues and no random pop up ads. Count me in. Charming graphics too if you like the style! Just make sure you check the shop pictures to see the art style.

Completely hooked! The mix of tower defense and clash royle type gacha in this game is pure fun. Plus, the prices are actually reasonable compared to similar ones out there. And if you’re not into spending, you can still watch a few more ads for great rewards. I have played the game 2 weeks and level 130+ now.

I love this game…can u add the tutorial esp for evolve the characters such as archers that have unlocked all skills. Can u add more weapon and different characters (that will be nice too).

Finally found a game. No spam ad. No lame energy system. Cute graphic. I’m going to enjoy this game for a long time.

Constantly surprising me with new features as I level up. Way more innovative than your average tower defense game. So addictive and fun!

PvP tournaments add a whole new level of fun. And while you don’t need to play them, who could resist some good old-fashioned competition?

Seems good so far, not forcing me to watch ads is a plus

Nice game, not too hard and not too easy

Quests too hard, prices too high.

  • Hello Astaturl, we appreciate you trying our game. It is free-to-play friendly with optional purchases typically ranging from USD $1.99 to $14.99. Event quests give more free rewards and are quite doable for daily players. For any issues, please feel free to let us know on Facebook @battletowershero. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Some features like the daily login are bugged.

  • Hello Jeff, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the issue with the daily check-in on December 31st, 2023. We’ve resolved it and provided compensation through in-game mail. Your consideration in updating the rating would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

One of the best TD Apps I played

  • It’s pretty amazing game

Love the game so far. Only 2 days in though.

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Video :

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