Kingdom Heroes Tactics – Battles to the great Luoyang city

[Game] Kingdom Heroes Tactics

Kingdom Heroes TacticsFight alongside legendary heroes on this expansive world and experience real-time battles and instant strategies. Login now for 100 draws and the new season!

A new strategy game developed based on the Three Kingdoms Heroes IP – Kingdoms Heroes – Tactics.

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From a hero in the Three Kingdom era, from battles to the great Luoyang city, engage in combat alongside legendary heroes during this historical period.

A Time Heroes Arise
With a massive open field map, all heroes must fight again for their fates. Organize all army to be ready to strikes. More than 200 hundred fortresses, thousands of troops and the heroes will prove themselves by standing till the end. Experience the real-time strategy, deploy your teams wisely, conquer enemies and unite the empire.

Prepare for Battles
At the end of Han Dynasty, people are suffered from the tyranny. You will play as a hero stand for the people. Recruit your men and gather resources to defeat bandits, conquer fortresses and enlarge your troops, fight with your allies and stand against the government.

Real-Time Battlefield
Deploy your troops and dive in warfare. Determine the fate of every hero. Swift as wind and attack like fire, arrange different arrays at will, experience the most immersive strategy game on your device.

Recruit and Rally
In this chaos era, it is always better to make friends than enemies. Join as alliances, organize your team, and fight together to lead you to the victory. Rallies on the massive field from time to time, together you will have the whole nation be in control.

Legends and Myths
Be the empire with largest territory, the largest army force, and the one who leads all heroes. Reveal the hidden temples on the map, defeat those Auspicious Beasts, and become the chosen One.

Become a Hero
A classic simulation game based on the famous Three Kingdoms, the development team has designed a vast world map for training, development, attacking, and defending. Join the fight Anywhere, Anytime.

Conquer your enemies, Heroes, and become leaders of this great era…
One More Time!

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This application is rated as PG12 according to the Game Software Rating Management Regulations. Its contents contain fighting scenes, player discretion is advised.
This game allows in-app purchases. Please confirm before placing orders.
Please be mindful of your gaming time.

System Requirements:
Android version is 6.0 or above; memory has 4GB RAM or above.
Device storage has 6GB available space or above.

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Kingdom Heroes Tactics user reviews :

Compared to other games like this, this one needs many improvement: 1. Explanation on heroes specialty (peacekeeper, garrison, vessel, etc); 2. Visual improvement on the unit’s world preview (so we can see what kind of unit we are using); 3. The feature to do recon on neutral units, stronghold, city, etc (so we can know what kind of unit we will be facing). Hope this could be helpful to the developer.

It would be nice to have instant translation for the Chats and “E-mails” or else many of us will not be able to understand, and communicate with other players. Or at least to have a bottom or click function to translate texts if thr user choses. The currance change would also be nice, that it automaticly adapts to the country your in or smt like that. An update on censorship for texts since rn it’s horrible specificly for the english language.

  • Thank you for your comment. If you have any question regarding our game, please feel free to contact us at online_service[at]

I play ROK long time so I see similarities. Game have some good future, details but need quickly improve before losing player; like English translation don’t work, searching resources bars buggy, graphics nice but game engine asking to much for device, even my 8 gb ram not enough and of course pack price to high vs. Still good experience, thanks…

  • Thank you so much for your suggestions, and we’ve already passed your valuable suggestions to the team. We do take every player’s opinion and suggestion very seriously, and we are more than happy to try any possibility to make our game more fun and satisfying.

If you like three kingdoms meets evony then this is the game for you. The one downside is no one playing unless you find some speak English. The bright side is you can just do your own thing, find a guild and join it for free benefits. I like the theme and can do my own thing and be happy thus the high rating.

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