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[Game] Battlesmiths – Blade & Forge

BattlesmithsBattlesmiths : Blade and Forge is a fun strategy RPG that invites you on an epic journey.

Free your town, craft powerful weapons and armor for your fighters and battle dangerous enemies! Hone your tactics, acquire rare resources, create even more powerful items and conquer the opponents in various modes, including a captivating story campaign and a challenging real-time PvP arena.

The game offers a comprehensive crafting system with lots of options for weapons, armor, and artifacts that can help you in battle. This system adds depth and complexity to the game and gives players a chance to hone their strategy and make their heroes even stronger. Apart from creating powerful items, you can pick and change the classes of your heroes and give them new abilities using various runes. Winning requires you to be wise about allocating your time and resources while preparing for battle. Your characters fight automatically in this strategy RPG battler, but the outcome of each battle depends on your strategy and tactics. Choose the right gear, place your heroes wisely, and use consumables to ensure victory for your team.

Play the Campaign mode to uncover a thrilling story full of adventure, friends and foes, humans and monsters, conspiracies, betrayals, and ancient magic. Each chapter takes place in a unique region with its own enemies and obstacles. Lead your squad to victory!

Enter the Tower of Trials mode, where you will face more and more powerful enemies at every new level. Win these battles to get powerful rewards, including the ability to hire new heroes and upgrade their rarity.

Join real-time PvP matches and test your tactical skills against the best players in intense strategic battles!

Battlesmiths: Blade and Forge offers amazing graphics and intuitive UI inviting players of any skill level, but holding enough depth and complexity to be a challenge even for strategy RPG veterans. Personalize your heroes with cosmetic items and bring even more style to your experience.

In Battlesmiths: Blade and Forge the fate of the world is in your hands. Conquer the thrilling story mode, hone your skills in tactics and in the comprehensive craft system, fight in the PvP mode and enjoy this beautiful strategic RPG. Accept the challenge and become the ultimate Battlesmith!

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Encountered a issue with the starting screen, when the game is loading it says “error, server status unavailable. ” I can’t get into my game and I was enjoying it so far, ive tried restarting the app, restarting my phone, nothing works and i have full bars 5G connection, this happened after the recent update, so if you can fix the issue I’d appreciate it, spent some money on this game it be a shame to stop playing it because of this.

Frustratingly, some buildings radically alter your abilities and there is no way to see this until you’re able to upgrade them. Resulting in rather blind building progression. Aside from this strange oversight, the game is solid, well designed. Not encountered any bugs and it’s a good mix of challenge and reward.

  • Thank you for the review! In a lot of other games you also only see the next possible upgrade instead of the full progression tree of the building, especially if its linear. However, we see how we can rework the UI for this section of the game to better highlight those changes. Thank you once again for your feedback!

Worth a go for sure. Great motion on the fighters, plenty to do at your own pace which is rare these days with modern games. It does require a bit of time to grind once your artifact speed goes up as you’ll feel the need to always have something being made but you can easily just log in a few times a day and still progress. I’m at level 5 so an early review but enjoying the pace.

UPDATE: Nice game overall, and several recent updates took account of player suggestions, it’s nice to be heard. I hope the game keep improving toward it’s best form. ~This game is basically shop manager with a twist, you actually equip your own heroes and bring them to battle. With the micro management being the main part of the game, massive grinding is expected, like similar shop games. Late tier equipments would need a massice amount of basic materials, among other rarer things.

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