Imposter in Doors – Find a creative way to get out of each room

[Game] Imposter in Doors – Survival

Imposter in DoorsCan you escape from the scary doors, and struggle for Imposter’s survival?

Welcome to Imposter in Doors: Survival – a stunningly great escape game, that challenges you to survive. You must get out of the door and save Imposter until 100 doors. Get through dark rooms, find the hidden keys, and help Imposter escape from the door to end this horror mystery.

Now it’s time to think and escape the scary doors, otherwise Imposter’s dead. Find a creative way to get out of each room. Challenge your quick-wittedness.

Use buttons/joysticks to move around and run.
Drag on the screen to find the key, collect coins and find the next door as fast as possible.
Be careful! The scary monsters and ghosts are hiding and ready to catch you at any time.
Choose “Booster” whenever you need help.

101 thrilling escape doors.
Well-animated high-quality art and eyes-catchy graphics.
Horror stories atmosphere, spooky and realistic sounds.
Ambience of horror room and addictive gameplay.
Understandable clues and hints

Are you quick-witted enough to escape 100 doors and save Imposter? Get rid of your true fear in this horror survival. Download Imposter in Doors: Survival and find out now!

Imposter in Doors user reviews :

Very good game overall, but there is a little bit of problem, too many ads, to be honest its very great creation, I completed it in a short time W game keep up the work.

Good game overall… However the ads are too much. Would be better experience if cutting the ads a little? Possibly greatly improved and enticing more players to profit more this way.

It’s a good game, but when seeks, there is this monster skin mask, which is so hard. Can you please make it easier. Anyway, the game is awesome. Try it.

I would rate 5 stars because its a good game ive ever played with no ads to delete ads is too turn off connection or network so you can enjoy it!

Well I liked this game but now when I tried to play it again it didn’t let me walk and I had 2 HP I was stuck in the elevator and I tried the 2 day and it’s still broken but can you try fixing the bug pls

Hey! People mentions about the ads yhey get, all you need to do is turn off the internet then reopen the app! Thats it! Great game! But one problem though, especially the joystick, add an option to make the joystick static to it’s position, it’s very hard to navigate especially when you encounter the toilet. Also, door 1-5 is a bit repetitive, maybe make it randomize. GREAT GAME!! Download it now!

This game is very good and interesting but all 50 doors unlock is very Hard

Thanks. It is a very nice and exciting game but I did not know the 3 new monster!?Could you make the figure part easier it is so hard! The seek part is the best part! Thank you have a nice holiday!!!

I wished it was easy but trypo is one of the hardest ones including the toilet monster and sometimes Timothy. Frostsoul can also be bugged because when you turn around you go to the previous room and when you come back to that room, you get bugged and just literally be in Frostsoul’s body and start dying. So please fix. Because I think for the update, you can get far enough to not get attacked. Also add a “Turn Around” button because for 2 Entity difficultys and bugs.

Despite it being a clear ripoff that combines amongus and Doors. It’s actually pretty good, it doesn’t catch the essence of doors as good, but it’s pretty good nevertheless. I actually quite enjoyed this game, it stands out from usual ripoffs i’d say. A clear amount of effort was put into this, just that it didn’t have an original idea. But perhaps you could make an original game, I think it would be really good if you did, I’ve played your other games and found them genuinely fun.

Best game i ever played . Once i watched shiloh and bros video “doors in real life” next day i searched it on youtube again then there was a short i watched it , that was about this game i found this game intersting so i downloaded it and really it is very fun and amazing game

Very cool and horror so i give 5/5 very cool and nice so i buy locker for 50 dollars so not enough

This game is very good and nice I like the way it looks like I like this game this game is very nice I couldn’t even stand it this will be amazing game guys rate Do I like it this game will be very very please guys really sing at the end I’ll be a pleasure to do that

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