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[Game] Bear Bakery –  Merge Tycoon

Bear Bakery What is that smell?
Welcome! The hot tycoon game you ordered has arrived!

From now on, start a delightful day with adorable animal friends.
A small bakery in my hand Bear Bakery

Manager! Bakery, please!

This is how Bakery works!

Create new bread using Merge!
Make various breads using Merge!
What kind of bread will be Merge’s next step!?

Decorate the best wellness room!
We need a break room for the well-being of our employees!
Buy furniture with Bakery profits to decorate your employees’ break rooms!
When they eat well and get plenty of rest, your employees’ performance will increase!

The life of the Bakery is bread!
Bakery’s life is a variety of delicious breads.
Merge Tycoon makes several loaves of bread!

Know what your customers like!
Customers have different personalities and preferences!
Customer’s style! Please identify your favorite bread and make it a regular!

Open a pop-up store with various themes!
Mr.Bearbae has developed a special bread recipe!
Since this is on sale for a limited time, hurry!
Don’t miss out on the limited edition furniture that can only be found in the pop-up store!!!

What is Bear Bakery’s fate?
It’s in the manager’s hands!!

Required permission information
WRITE/READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: load & save User data, used to take screenshots to share

How to revoke access right
Android 6.0 or later: Settings > Apps > Select permission items > Permission list > Select consent or withdraw access
Under Android 6.0: Upgrade the operating system to revoke access or remove the app

Bear Bakery user reviews :

Really cute, fun game for passing time! I love the art style and the merging bread is really addicting honestly. I love the ability to decorate the staff room. I’d like to see the ability to decorate the bakery and kitchen though, so we can get a different look. I wish the racoon would clean the streets without having to watch an ad, maybe watch an ad to make him clean faster but he will clean on his own. I also wish there was more for me to spend coins on because I have SO MANY COINS lol

Lots of options require you to watch an ad to use. You can pay 15USD to remove them, but the gameplay free is basically constant back to back ads. The art is cute but actual gameplay is nonexistent. A shame, I was really looking forward to this but its just a constant ad reel, with the balls to put in microtransactions and lootboxes besides. :/ Despite pre-registering I uninstalled it after barely an hour of play.

  • Hello, Vox Chevalier manager. Thank you so much for giving us a lot of opinions on Bear bakery. You feel sorry for the ads you have to watch in a row… I hope to see you again in the distant future. Thank you for playing for a while. I will work hard to become a better Bear bakery. have a good day! Thank you.

I honestly love this game. The only bug ive experienced so far is when i go into the shop the game becomes super slow and theres a 90% chance if I tap on something the game crashes. But it doesnt happen anywhere else. Also cant figure out how to upgrade the staff, I accidentally skipped through that part when i dropped my phone

I like the game. Cute and all. But, I don’t get why I have to buy everything with diamonds, especially upgrades. It makes the game less fun tbh. I hope I can upgrade things with coins. It’s okay if the upgrades is a bit pricey. And ads… I don’t have to write about it anymore, other people already did.

The stars are for the graphic only, which is adorable and well made. Unfortunately, the game is instead shallow and has no depth… You will find yourself merging bread types forever, trying to get to the higher tiers, and nothing else. There’s some decorating, cute customers, but these things are purely cosmetic in the end. Oh, and ads. Ads, ads and ads, because this is the substance of these games nowadays. I feel really disappointed about this game, since I pre-registered for nothing.

  • Hello, Claudia Furia Galbiati manager! First of all, we appreciate enjoying our Bear Bakery. You seem to be disappointed with the advertisement while running the bakery. Sorry for the disappointment. Thank you for your interest in our Bear bakery. We will continue to work hard to become a better Bear bakery. Thank you.

Super cute and fun game. I enjoy all the quests, daily challenges, and special events. There have been a few bugs and most recently I haven’t been able to complete a quest for a week as the roulette wheel button is broken for me. Typically the bugs have been sorted out quickly but it would be helpful to have a way to report issues within the app. I think there could be more in-game instructions as well; most of the gameplay is intuitive but some things, like upgrading managers, are not.

  • Hello! Manager! I’m sorry for the inconvenience in using the game. Could you tell me more details at the address below so that I can fix the problem? support[at] Thank you for your interest in our game. I will try to become a better Bear bakery. Have a nice day!

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