Sim Sports City – Become a legendary sports tycoon

[Game] Sim Sports City – Tycoon

Sim Sports CityNow, Build your sports city in the relaxed games!

Sim Sports City is a Idle Simulator game, No need to spend too much time and energy, Idle and a little manage, and you’ll build a great sports city soon !

Let’s work together! Starting from the village gymnasium, gradually reaching all over the world! Build your own sports business empire! Become a legendary sports tycoon!

Shooting halls, baseball halls, football fields, basketball halls, swimming pools, e-sports halls… more than a dozen sports and fitness venues
Leisure, entertainment, simulation, can operate anytime, anywhere
Make money without worries, even offline
Invest in and upgrade various fitness and sports facilities, step by step on the road of billionaires
Hire professional coaches with gold medals to increase your income
Play with family and friends and build the greatest gymnasium together

The position of the sports city manager has been vacant for a long time, looking forward to your arrival!

Sim Sports City user reviews :

Game doesn’t load. It freezes on the opening loading screen or force closes itself. Edit: after getting the game to load, I’m still giving it 1 star. This is one of those games where you’re expected to watch a video every 10 seconds for boosts. No thanks. Uninstalled forever!

  • Hello, dear player Sorry to cause you to encounter this problem. You can turn off the mobile phone network and try to restart the phone before playing the game.

So good to hear from you again thanks for the heads and toes crossed that they will look into the future and hopefully they will have a better chance of getting back to me amazing video soon

Don’t know about this, forced me through the entire tutorial made me buy the baseball area when I was focusing on the archery area. I like to get a really good first area and build a slow and sustainable base from there, can’t do that when the game plays itself for you

  • Thank you for your feedback, we will consider your suggestions to bring you a better gaming experience, thank you again

The game is so bad lots of ads there sports and and it freeze all the time I want less ads and more sports if I get that I will give 4 stars I will love your game and if you can fix the freezing I will give 5 Stars

It’s really fun but sometimes when yor wanting to watch an ad it says no advert’s available now, please try again later.

Only reason why three star is i found a glitch and maxed the whole game and second your just doing the same sports over and over again and three game is boring plus i finished it less than a hour like the other guy thats why i rate it three star

  • Thank you for your feedback and suggestions, we will continue to optimize the product and bring you a better experience!

Good game but need more improvement and i give this a 6 star if u update better and fix the glitches and also erro but good game loved it fantastic and great…….XP

Simply the most assuming, charming and satisfying tycoon . It lets u do whatever u want plus gives u many relaxations

Pick a nice game but there’s one problem add showing up and pop in every time when you upgrade your business

Realllllly fun and easy. Only problem is the ads

This is good if you don’t want the ads you can turn offline

I love the game!! Because I play basketball to and football that why I love it so much!!

Because in end game gives loots of money and the graphics are very nice I love this game

I found a glitch, so I’ve maxed everythings in less than 2 hours

After few days of playing the game stop responding.

Add sports like wwe and Cricket in this game. It is ok game

The only reason I am giving this a 4 star rating is because the game is not so exciting.

  • Thank you for your feedback and suggestions, we will continue to optimize the product and bring you a better experience!

This game is very nice game download kara app is

I exactly want this type of game.iblike this game

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