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Buzz! Buzz! We finally found an appropriate island to build our new beedom!
Wow, nice! But everything needs to start from zero… Where shall we start first?
Well, first of all, we should explore the island for more resources and begin constructing our grand hive! Meanwhile, we also need to strengthen ourselves by befriending powerful bee heroes and training our bee armies to deter mighty enemies and expand our empire.
Buzz! Can’t wait to get started! I’m sure we will make it!

After the swarm, your clan plans to rebuild their kingdom on a new island. In order to expand and prosper, you will need to explore this unknown island, collect abundant resources and conquer deadly enemies.

Tired of long waits for upgrades? This would never happen in Beedom! No matter if it is upgrading soldiers, buildings or decorations, you can always level up instantly by merges!

Slaughter Vanguard Kim, Quiet Heretic Louis, Dream Cradle Rebecca, Sabah Boxer Clint, Treasure Hunter Rhodes… diverse powerful heroes all at your command! Infantry Bees, Archer Bees, Gunner Bees… strong armies all follow your orders

We offer a variety of interesting dungeons in the game with abundant rewards such as Roguelike Dungeon Temple Secrets, World Boss Chameleons, Tower Dungeon Muster Trials, Resource PVE Diffraction Caves and more…

Build an invincible bee kingdom alliance with friends all over the world and expand your alliance territory to become the largest of all!

Do you want to witness and participate in the birth of a great bee kingdom? Do you want to explore, adventure, and dominate this new island? Come and enjoy the Beedom world right now to harvest all that you want!

We are devoted to providing you instant support if you meet any problems. Feel free to contact us through following channels to leave us bug reports, feedback or suggestions!


Beedom user reviews :

Fine controls. Great designs and all that casual building stuff but I will say I got this game based on the ad which is a lie. I was promised being able to select a species of bug such as spiders and ants along with bees. This is a BEE game so this is false advertising. Why do mobile games always lie about what they actually are? I would have kept playing this if the game was honest with me. If you enjoy this game great, but I can’t and won’t support games that outright lie to get my money.

  • Dear player, in response to the issues you’ve reported, we kindly request a bit more information about your device to assist us in quickly identifying the problem. We cordially invite you to join our official Discord, where we will regularly hold events and offer abundant rewards for free. Address:

this is a very original game with the super cute and cool bee designs, the gameplay is what I imagine merge dragons would be like but better, saying that as someone who has never played merge dragons. The game throws a lot at you but after you get through the tutorial it’s kinda self explanatory

I pre-ordered this game with high hoped and it hasn’t dissapointed. Even with a terrible phone that can’t run any game, this runs fine. Good graphics, surprisingly a decent storyline, and the game is easy to learn. Only thing I will day is sometimes ad rewards do not work, but other than that it’s fine.11/10 game

Bee’sDom that would have been also an awesome name for this game. 5/5 because this game is awesome for all ages. The story is Great the queen left to see if a potential Successor could step up and lead as her Heir and future Successor, also she’s getting older. Then the game and gameplay are easy to Understand. Also its FTP What else Could you Want in a Rpg Strategy Simulation game!!!!!!!

love the merging kingdom building game style this game provides seriously a solid 8/10. the two other points it’s that I just don’t think it was worth all the hype I got from the ads but tbh it is such a good game

The bee designs are amazing! I’ve only ran into a few minor bugs but overall its a 9/10

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