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Bejeweled Classic

World Video Game Hall of Fame!

Bejeweled is now inducted into The Strong’s World Video Game Hall of Fame 2020! It was selected after a careful review by a team of industry experts who hailed Bejeweled as a pioneer of the match 3 genre. Download this path breaking jewel match 3 game today!

“Bejeweled — perhaps the most insanely addictive puzzle game ever.” — Games Magazine

Discover your perfect match with 6 breathtaking modes in this classic gem-matching game, from the fast-paced, time-based Lightning, to the gem-driven Flushes and Full Houses of Poker Mode. Create electrifying special gems like Flame gems, Star gems, Hypercubes, and Supernova gems, collect flashy Bejeweled badges and achievements, and soar to dazzling heights in the Game Center leaderboards – all while enjoying fantastic Retina-display graphics! This is the Bejeweled you’ve loved for years, and it’s still delivering amazing high-carat excitement!

This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings.

Play the most popular puzzle game of the century with powerful new gems. You’ll find cascades of fun as you test your gem-swapping ability!

Enjoy the original in Classic, race against time in Lightning, dig deep for treasure in Diamond Mine, discover your own relaxing retreat in Zen, match gems to save Butterflies from a hungry spider in Butterfly, keep the cold out in Ice Storm, and make top hands with gems in Poker.

Each mode has two Boosts, one regular and one Super Boost, which help you make even more matches and set even higher scores. Whether it’s pulling all the Butterflies to the bottom row with Reset in Butterfly mode or shuffling the board in Classic mode, Boosts take your game to a whole new level!

Earn flashy Bejeweled badges and Game Center achievements to prove your multifaceted skills, and compete against the world and your friends in Game Center leaderboards for the top score! Gloat over your scores for total matched gems, all-time best moves, and top 10 personal bests in Classic and Diamond Mine.

Can’t quite spot the next match? Use the “Hint” button for a quick tip.

Stars mode will open a separate, free Bejeweled Stars App.

Important Consumer Information. This app requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA; includes in-game advertising; contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites and the Internet intended for an audience over 13.

Bejeweled Classic User reviews :

This is a really good game, BUT compared to the PC version it’s not that great. First of all, I don’t really like the fact that it doesn’t have landscape mode. It looked really good. The second one is, that in “Diamond Mine” the drilling animation when clearing the blocks, switched from a nice and smooth one to just teleporting the gems upwards and it looks really lazy. My last issue with the game is that there is no “Quest” mode, witch was my favorite mode in the game. Please bring it back!!!

This has to be my favorite game of all time. I especially love the Zen mode. It is very calming and soothing, with its ambiental music and the fact that there is no time element or possibility to lose, but I really enjoy that you still keep levelling up anyways, which gives you a sense of accomplishment. Thank you, devs, for this wonderful game!

I love this game years ago in its Facebook form so getting the app was a no brainer. I’ve had it for years on my phone now, but am not a fan of the new landscape layout (edit: i hate it!) because the game area is much smaller and the right hand edge of gems is hard to target – I keep hitting the phone’s navigation bar instead. It’s now completely unplayable.

I used to play Bejeweled on the computer when I was a kid and I loved it. I love the mobile version just as much, it’s so nostalgic that I can’t stop playing it. I love this game but I do wish they would update it and optimize the picture size to fit newer phones. It seems like the developers have just kind of given up and are letting the game fade into history, which is extremely sad. Anyway, fantastic game and a great time waster, especially if your a completionist like me. Also, try it on PC.

I switched phones recently, and use Google Play Games, but my scores and achievements didn’t transfer. No worries, I love playing so starting over was fine. Except on the Galaxy Note 20, it only plays in landscape. I would love for it to play in vertical mode since it’s much easier to hold my phone that way.

Been a fav of mine for years, pc, ds, now Android. Ads not bad at all, they don’t intefere with game play. Issue #1; sometimes when game is over, viewing an ad to extend the game doesn’t play, gets stuck/game hangs/must close. #2, in any random game, while drops cascading, the game freezes & closes. Restart & brought to a recognizable screen prior to the crash. I like the butterfly & poker games, even though you can only play a few of each per day, limits my play time, which is a good thing

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