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Gossip Harbor Welcome to Gossip Harbor

Follow Quinn Castillo as she returns to her hometown of Brimwave Beach, to sweep up the ashes of her father’s burned down restaurant. And answer the question on everyone’s mind: Who did it?
Merge flavorful dishes, restore and decorate the restaurant and watch the mystery unfold.
But who can you trust in Brimwave Beach?

Whip Up Tasty Dishes
Serve coffee, sandwiches, seafood, and a range of other dishes, to your customers. The more you play, the more dishes you’ll find to add to your menu!

Restore the Restaurant
Rebuild and design the best beach restaurant around! Choose the flooring, wallpaper and furniture to restore restaurant to its former glory!

Build Relationships
Converse with customers and rekindle old friendships. Or explore the possibility of a new budding romance.

Catch up on the Gossip
You’ll renovate and merge to reveal clues, and uncover the hidden secrets of Brimwave Beach inhabitants. And perhaps even unveil the Castillo’s hidden family secrets.

Gossip Harbor user reviews :

Enjoying the game. The one problem I’ve found is that when tapping the board to get items when your energy is low it’s very easy to tap the message that comes up to spend 20 jewels to get more energy, even if you didn’t want to. There’s no way to undo that so you’ve lost the jewels and feel like you have to use the energy immediately. Very annoying! The message asking you to spend jewels for energy shouldn’t be so easily activated.

This is a complete copy of Sunny Manor, which is 1 of my favorites, even down to the storyline (fire). So besides it not having anything original, it seems like it takes more grinding to make items. The graphics are good & the game play is still fun. You still get your choice of 3 different decorating styles. Could be fun if you came up with something different & interesting than the original game isn’t doing.

It’s a nice game but it takes too much energy too fast to do anything. There’s no way you can enjoy the game for too long as you have to wait hours for the energy to refill. The quests are nice but the time it takes to wait on energy; given the amount of merging most items takes…. really takes away from your enjoyment of the game. Then there’s the option of using gems that go up with every purchase by leaps and bounds! I went from using 20 gems to 160 to refill! Why?

  • Sorry for the bad experience, we will take your feedback seriously and inform the relevant personnel of your feedback. If you have other comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us through serviceMergemerge[at]gmail.com or settings – contact us in the upper right corner of the game. Thank you for your support and have a good day.

Cute graphics but the orders take too long, with generators that run dry too fast, and the rewards aren’t really worth it imo. I just don’t feel like finishing orders, there’s always a bunch of them at once, can’t really decide which is best to prioritize because they keep adding up. I really love Coconut the cat though!

  • We are so sorry that you’ve had a bad experience with our game. We appreciate your feedback, and will look into the matter. If you have any further issues, please contact us through the in-game customer service portal (settings – contact us in the upper right corner of the game) or email us at serviceMergemerge[at]gmail.com .

The game is fun, the graphics and animation are excellent, BUT there should be more ways to get energy/coins/diamonds without paying real money, like watching ads more often, chests dropping more items (or having more chest drops)… Sunny House is doing this, the ads are all optional (important) but I choose them all! They get revenue that way and I get more game currency this way. Forcing players to spend real money will just turn off a lot of people.

  • We are so sorry that you’ve had a bad experience with our game. We appreciate your feedback, and will look into the matter. If you have any further issues, please contact us through the in-game customer service portal (found in Settings at the top left corner under “Contact us”) or email us at serviceMergemerge[at]gmail.com .

Really enjoying the game so far! The characters are cool, the art is great, the merging of course is fun. My only critique so far is that when you are renovating the second area, the main dine inside space, 2 of the 3 plant options by the counter are lilies which are DEADLY to cats! Now of course it’s fiction, but with the cute shop cat it makes me sad

This is exactly like Love & Pies, like right down to the same storyline and types of characters. Kinda makes the storyline on this one kinda boring for me, because, well, I’ve read it already. That being said, I do enjoy the gameplay and the graphics. Works well, no issues, and so far, ads are minimal.

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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