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Bench Gym LogBench Gym Log is the ultimate workout companion. Whether you’re a beginner looking for premade workout routines or an advanced lifter looking to customize every detail, Bench has you covered!

The most comprehensive exercise catalog of any weightlifting app with over 400 exercises.
Create highly customizable goals for workout frequency, exercise variation, muscle group volume, exercise volume, strength, and more!
Create, categorize, and share your own workouts with other users.
Find and download workouts and customize them.
Muscle activation charts to help you avoid muscle imbalances.
Follow users and find new workouts in your feed.
Rest timer with background notifications.
Advanced strength and volume stats for every exercise you perform.
Offline mode so you can track your workouts and view your stats no matter where you are.
Seamless automatic syncing so you can log into a new device and pick up where you left off.
Your workouts, logs, goals, and stats are all stored in the cloud.

Get the most out of every lift with Bench Gym Log.

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Bench Gym Log user reviews :

If you lift weights you definitely NEED Bench. I can tell a lot of work went into making the app as seamless and easy to use as possible. It’s so visually stunning that people regularly come up to Me in the gym just to ask me what app I’m using. The best feature by far is the goals. The goals alone make premium 100% worth it. This is the best implementation if goals I’ve seen in any workout app!

Seemed like a good app until I realized that each workout doesn’t retain reps or weight info from previous workouts or even alow a baseline so if you can’t remember what rep count or weight you were doing during a workout you’d have to go out of the workout and veiw previous stats, also some Grammer/spelling errors that just make the app feel unfinished

Bench Gym Log is a real game-changer! The weight lifting programs are customizable and easy to follow, while the tracking features keep you motivated and on track. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to pump up their workouts – it’s a weight off your shoulders!

Best (Free Version) Gym Log App! Lots of exercises included. Free version lets you create 3 workout rountines and 3 goals. I dont like that if you add a new exercise to an existing workout and say its the first exercise you want to do and you either have to delete all the other exercises for it to be 1st(permanent)or move it up before you start a workout EVERY time you do that workout(tedious). Suggestions: Give option for life time payment membership. Add cardio exercises. Custom exercises.

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