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[App] Moodee – What uplifts me now?

MoodeeWhat can help your mind?

Look back on your emotions
Choose from a large selection of emotion words to describe how you feel right now. Putting your feelings into words can bring you a new sense of clarity.

To-do suggestions picked out for you
Whether you’re feeling upbeat or low, get recommendations for how you can make your day better. You can add the ones you like to your to-do list.

Get insights about your emotions
Check out stats about you, from frequently recorded emotions to emotion timetables. These analyses will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

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Moodee user reviews :

It looks cute and the music is calming. You can select your current mood and describe it in a few sentences. Then you get some (random?) tasks. They don’t seem to be related to the actual mood. They are nice and quick though and might help with grounding. But other than that all other features are locked behind a paywall. It’s a shame because they sound helpful and fun. But I’m not doing a monthly 10€ subscription for those.

I like the simplicity of the app, there’s also a sense of community if you want that. I love the music and the Moodee character is adorable. I especially love that you get small ‘quests’ based on your mood. It’s a thoughtful and inclusive app. There is a premium option but there’s not a bunch of ads constantly, none at all. If you’re debating this app I say give it an honest shot

The atmosphere is relaxing. You also get to customize the character, which is cute. The character would often say something useful or to help lift up your spirits. Loving the updates thus far! Though, I would like to suggest getting to edit the rating of quests. Good job to the developers!

It’s relaxing and a good way to jot down emotions. But I really wish the app would give some extra kind of motivation to write the memos or complete the quests. I almost always skip writing a memo and skip doing quests and I feel like I’m not able to use the app to the fullest.

I like this app first of all the music is super relaxing! And the sky scenery is really pretty It’s really useful to detect how you feel everyday and how you’ve been lately . The emotions look so cute! You also can know how others are feeling and that made me feel that I’m not alone The only problem I have with this app is that it doesn’t always open. Like It says there is a problem in the connection but I’m sure that the connection is okay cause all the apps work. I wish they fix this

Went from a 5 down to a 2. I can’t log my mood anymore. I can say what the mood is, how I feel and what causes it but where it would normally allow me to write a note and submit it the app takes me back to the homescreen. I waited nearly a month for them to patch this and it still hasn’t been fixed yet they’re coming out with other updates. The only reason it isn’t down to one is because I’m a premium member so I have access to other stuff that can help in the meantime, and this app helped lots.

I haven’t been using this app for a long time yet but IT IS GREAT! I love the little checkups you can do on yourself and how everything you write, you’ll be able to view again later. It hells to remind you of nice memories. There is nothing that I find bad about this app! It does what it’s said to and it even comes with a cute widget for your home screen. I really enjoy the quest feature and how you can customize your little guy. It’s just very relaxing and I love it! 10/10, great job!!

This mood tracker is definitely the best I have found in a while. I would highly reccomended. It gives me information of what I’m feeling. They are constantly adding new features. However, there is a text limit on the number of words I can put into a memo, which is the only reason why I haven’t given moodee 5-stars. Other than that, highly reccomend!!!!

It honestly helps you calm down to find out that there’s more people out there feeling the same. Also, you can choose quests that you find comfortable for yourself to do and once you do them, you feel pretty nice afterwards. I personally like the app.

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