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[Game] Bewitching Forest

Bewitching Forest  Save endangered animals!

The new mayor has been dumping waste right into the river — someone has to stop him… The raccoons say they’ve heard axes thumping into trees — hurry, take a stand for the ancient magical forest! But be careful: strange thorned plants are lurking in the depths of the woods…

Tired of free match 3 puzzle games where you have to decorate your house or garden? Are ordinary story games and free match games no longer fun? Stop a horrific ecological disaster — even the magic forest can’t hold back the city by itself!

COMPLETE TASKS. Purify oily water, neutralize radioactive waste, save uprooted trees, remove rusting barrels, halt a hulking bulldozer — this is your magic forest!

HELP ANIMALS. Feed crying chicks, don’t let squirrels drown in oil, give shelter to the freezing raccoon on a frosty night, help the bear cub find its mother, get the mole out of the rubble! Take care of your familiar, the adorable fox Loki. Being magical, he can speak, y’know!

ENJOY THE STORY. The dark magician has returned to the forest … Is Leonore experienced enough to fight ancient witchcraft? Help her uncover the secrets of the bewitching forest and turn it into a cozy home for all the inhabitants. Only thanks to you will they be able again to say: “This is my home!”.

MEET NEW FRIENDS! Spirits, gnomes, ents, fairies, magicians, fluffy animals and other inhabitants of the fairy forest. Sorting out their relationship is a tough puzzle for the sorceress Leonora!

CHANGE, CREATE, DECORATE! Make your garden blooming and beautiful, and your forest majestic and full of life.

USE MAGIC! Take care of the ancient forest and protect it from the dangers of the nearby city. Everything is not what it seems in the magical world. Even in puzzles: diamond or gem — don’t let jewel games trick you!

MATCH and blast combinations in match_3 games. Familiar yet unique gameplay: exciting puzzles, tons of fun, sparkling power-ups and mesmerizing magical mechanics. Matching games are not only interesting, but also very useful!

EARN REWARDS! Challenging events — get ready for some real magic! Solve puzzles, throw ingredients and gems into the potion cauldron and have fun with colorful match 3 levels — prove that you are the match master!

Just like many popular free-to-play match 3 games and puzzle games, Bewitching Forest is a free match game saga, but some magical items can be purchased for real money if you wish. You can easily turn off the in-app purchases function using the settings menu on your device (one of the easiest puzzles!).

You can always share your ideas and questions about the game by writing us an email at We try to come up with interesting matching games and are very glad that you can try our casual matching games for free.

The BF team sincerely hopes you enjoy our new match-3-games! Many players write us positive reviews and say that we are similar to their favorite free match-3 games, puzzle games and also story games.

We wish you a good match+3+games and story games anywhere — at home, at work, on the road or on vacation!

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Bewitching Forest user reviews :

I loved this game when I 1st started. The graphics are great but some of the levels are impossible to beat unless you buy more moves as there’s not enough moves to complete. I’ve been on the same level now for a week and play it 2 or 3 times a day still can’t complete. I’ll be deleting it if things don’t improve. Update. I’ve now deleted it as I’m fed of trying to complete an impossible level

Cute story and concept so far and the ads aren’t overly done. However the prices are a bit outrageous and you get VERY little in return. Other than that it’s not bad at all.

Excellent game love the graphics some levels take a week to pass others take minutes plz dont change a thing

so far so good. the early levels are easy enough and im curious as to where the story goes thats what makes me want to play more

One of my new favorites, so far super enjoyable, love the story line and the characters.

loving the depiction of this good witch, healing forest and helping animals!! gameplay is fun, and tasks aren’t ridiculously demanding, with lovely graphics, and mini games that keep things from getting too monotonous. great job – good game…and nice not to drown in more ads than game play.

This game is great, I love the story line so far. I like the fact you can watch ads for coin’s & boosters the graphics are nice it doesn’t freeze I’m really enjoying playing!

This is a very fun game and I absolutely love the story and the witchy theme

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