Forest Rescue Bubble Pop – Start blasting everything in sight

[Game] Forest Rescue Bubble Pop

Forest Rescue Bubble Pop  Classic arcade bubble popping taken to a whole other level.

Go coconuts and start blasting everything in sight. Get your slingshot hand ready and face down those polluting Beavers. They think they can sludge the lake unnoticed but their waste-filled trucks will be in trouble soon enough.

Burst and pop everything in your path and help the Forest animals shoot the lights out on those bad Beavers. Become one with the sling and master the art of shooting bubbles.

Your friends are in need of rescue. Trapped by the evil polluting minions of Beaver Corp., only your skilled sling can break free the forest fiends from their ordeal.

No wifi? No data plan? No problem. Play without the need for an internet connection. Have fun anywhere you are.
Use the slingshot to free your trapped friends so they can come to your rescue and help you evade obstacles.


Awesome hand-made levels
Lots of cute animals to rescue
Fun and exciting power-ups
Great graphics
Addictive gameplay
All the bubbles you can shoot
You get to save the Forest

Take up the fight today and see if you have what it takes to rescue defenseless animals.

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Forest Rescue Bubble Pop user reviews :

This is a really good game, would be nice if we could earn free coins by watching videos ,some of us don’t have a lot of money to spend on a game.

Great little game as all the Forest Rescue are. Very pleased and soooo grateful there are NO adverts!!!! Thank you

Good game not extremely hard to where to you can’t play. Good graphics also.

I’ve always liked this game.ive played it for along time I was up on 1219 an this evening some how I was put clear back on level 1 that makes me angry.its done it back on the low levels again an I was on level1219 yes I was connected on my Facebook account
  • Qublix Games
  • Hello Were you playing as a guest or connected to a Facebook account? The Qublix Team

I like it! It’s super cute! The colors are very vibrant. Lots of instructions to. Plus… it’s free! Thanks developers!

Great graphics and keeps a certain strategy about it. It’s a kids game, so it’s not that hard for an old kid!

GREAT GAME 1 of the Best Enjoyable & Addicting ! Graphics are Wonderful. I have severe Tinnitus & Games like this challenge my mind to help divert the ringing. Blessings Be Well & Safe.

Great Game except the last 4 weeks haven’t been able to play as it won’t load I have played on same device since started playing game
  • Qublix Games
  • Hello, Please send a support ticket so that we can better assist you with your issue. – On a web browser: Under the game there should be a contact us link. – On Android or iOS: please load the game and access the settings. From there choose the option to contact us. This will send your message to the correct inbox. The Qublix Team

To early to say… I m only on level 10. But its a fun game to play. To past some time.

Best graphic bubble shooter but you got to travel the forest haven’t seen buildings or any friends on it

Yes lovely little game keep up with the extra lives .makes the game more achievable

So cute and awesome and challenging and very colorful and cute

Liking this shooter game also little animals are cute good graphics

I love playing the game. It is a lot of fun. You can play with friend’s and famliy.

Hard game, but exciting and very exciting!

Fun and exciting got to concentrate a lot.

I love the game but when do you get to start renovating I’m on Level 13

I love this game but to me, it’s too hard. To go through 20 or 30 lives to advance one level. I’m far into it but debating to uninstall. I want this to be relaxing and all it does is frustrate me now. Too bad. I really loved this game To the response I got from admin. I am nurse and frontline worker who is the sole provider for her family and disabled husband and I cannot afford to pay to play games. Every sent goes to providing for my family. So you made my decision easy. Time to uninstall.
  • Qublix Games
  • Hello The game is made to be challenging. If you are having a hard time, please try using some boosters. The Qublix Team

I love this game!! I play it everyday! Only downfall is once you run out of lives you are just OUT until they build up again over time. & there needs to be some other things we can do on there. that will either cost money or the game currency to do. But otherwise that said….. I LOVE PLAYING THIS GAME!

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