Bible Word Puzzle – Search for all the hidden words

[Game] Bible Word Puzzle

Bible Word PuzzlePlay this fun Bible word game! DOWNLOAD this easy Bible Word Puzzle Game!

It is a word connect game that you will learn Bible words, unlock Bible verses, pass Bible quiz and solve Bible puzzles with friends. Bible Verse Collect starts as an easy word game but gets difficult as playing more word puzzle and Bible quiz challenges. DOWNLOAD Bible Verse Collect, the easy, yet, ADDICTIVE word connect game!

How to play?
Connect letters to build a valid word
Search for all the hidden words to get tons of extra coins
Shuffle it or get a hint to find various words
Take a screenshot and play with your friends on Facebook!

Why Bible Verse Collect?
A featuring Biblical word puzzle game
Play word games OFFLINE anywhere anytime
Play word puzzle games with friends

Collect words and verses to unlock word games and bible quiz
Daily rewards and coins every day
Over 900 levels to play word games
Challenging Bible quiz and fun word puzzles
Bible word games are perfect for christians and Bible quiz designed for christians

Bible Verse Collect is a word connect game for christians. The more words found, the more fun it gets. It starts easy but gets harder! Play Bible Verse Collect, solve word game puzzles, share Bible word game experience with friends!

Get Bible Verse Collect for fun Bible word games! Bible Verse Collect is perfect for word games fans, word connect addicts, and word puzzle game masters!

Play Bible word connect games and word puzzles now in Bible Verse Collect. The good way to study the Bible and learn Bible words while playing bible quiz game! Bible Verse Collect includes Bible educational games, Bible word search games, and Bible games for christians

Enjoy word games and solve word puzzles in Bible Verse Collect.

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We do not sell any personal information you provide us, nor do we share your private information without your consent.

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Bible Word Puzzle user reviews :

I like this Bible trivia game the best so far. I love the concept and I enjoy it. However, I feel that an option to have faster animation or less animation would be more enjoyable, coming from someone who doesn’t like to wait, lol. Also, I would like to see a bigger variety of the small games that are played in between the questions. Hope this helps.

It’s an okay game, but there are way too many ads (I deny the game internet access, and that tames the ads quite a bit), and the choice of words in too many of the instances is poor. The words should either be all standard English words, or come from the Bible (whichever translation is selected). Needs work.

  • It’s great hearing your feedback. We’re committed to improving the game, and your insights are invaluable. Feel free to reach out with any other ideas you may have. Wishing you an amazing day!

Bible word puzzles are challenging cause I’m a little rusty. Love the game, but entirely too many ads. Maybe the developers can do something about that if they would. It’s a great invention. Kudos to the developers who invented this game.

Found it a bit easy but the biggest reason for 2* is the number of ads increase exponentially. There are plenty of other revenue streams in the app without making this just another annoying ad based game. I’m out.

  • Thanks for your feedback. Please contact us via Help Center in the app to share a detailed description of your undesirable feelings with us. We’ll work hard to bring you a better game experience. Have a nice day!

I quickly loved this app. My client was the one who introduced me to it. And it’s really so much fun, it’s quick and easy. And it’s refreshing my mind and taking me back to a great time in my childhood going to St.Bernards Church. The murals and art sculpture. It’s bittersweet I miss my GMA dearly and this brings me close to her again. So to all. This is def 5star app. Good play

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