Big Rig Racing – Become the best driver of an 18 wheeler

[Game] Big Rig Racing

Big Rig Racing  Big Rig Racing is a drag racing game on mega-cool trucks!

Become the best driver of an 18 wheeler! Drive a monster truck, join the professionals and smash the strongest teams on the hot asphalt and icy roads! Build a career as a winner!

Classic drag racing: try yourself on drag tracks in different locations with distances of 200 metres and 400 metres!

Compete in races against strong enemies in different game modes: career (story), race (series), tournament (ladder) or high stakes (daily race).

The game offers various levels of truck customization depending on the tier. Create your own monster truck, show your personality. There is no limits!
Change paintwork, wheels, headlights, mirrors, bumpers, tubes and more. Earn the best parts and upgrade your truck to maximum power. Each truck has four characteristics: power, grip, shift time and weight. Upgrade each of them and use nitro to show the best speed.

Several teams of opponents with a unique character and style are waiting for you in the game. Defeat all the bosses, show what you and your truck are capable of!

Complete daily tasks and get rewards. Tasks are updated once a day.

Collect the coolest trucks. Your truck is your style! Ageless classics or racing forms – choose for yourself what will be in your collection. You can buy an unlimited number of trucks and improve them. Use the garage or shop.

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Big Rig Racing user reviews :

Thoroughly enjoying this game…not money hungry, but there are plenty of options for watching a few ads, or spending a lithe bit here or there for extras. The extras are by no means needed to enjoy the game fully, with a little bit of a challenge to make it fun, not annoyances to force you to buy things. The gameplay is fun, smooth controls, really good graphics, and a fun little storyline to go with it… great job devs!
  • Mobirate
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We will do our best to take your suggestions into account and make the game better.
Since the last update, there are multiple server errors. Sometimes it won’t let me watch an ad for the bonus, or for a free spin. All other apps on my phone are working properly, so I’m fairly certain it’s not a network issue. Overall, it’s an awesome game, just picked up some bugs……
  • Mobirate
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We will try to solve the problem.
*Edit** The support team contacted me in a timely manner about the ads crashing the game. I was able to get in the game after a restart, but the need to fix the issue regardles I would say compared to the others they have a better gimmick, using the big rigs. The game was fine then started crashing after ads. I send multiple reports. Soon after the game quit launching all together. It still hangs as an open app in the background but never loads. Giant waste of time if I can’t get back into it
  • Mobirate
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback! Try to reinstall the game, please. Your progress will be saved, because you will use the same device. After reinstallation you will be offered to load your progress from the cloud. Also we recommend you to check your internet connection for stability. It might be a reason of the issue.
Ok so I’ve been playing the game now for about a month and it’s still pretty interesting. I still say it is not PTW game which is great bc so many games have started out that way but once it gets more popular they change. It is getting more difficult to win races. All in all I think it is a well rounded game. Needs another tier which is in the making as well as more trucks. Also some more seasonal events would help. Maybe come down on some of the prices for rims, headlights, etc. Thanks!
  • Mobirate
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback! Right now we are working hard to add the fifth tier and a lot of new trucks, trailers and Christmas event to make the game more interesting!
Great game! A couple things would be great to see in the future though, retro trucks with the ability to buy them from junk yard, then swap engines as well as other parts to new production and resto-mod everything else to change whole style of truck so it will have different attributes. Also being able to incorporate the ability to make a JET-Truck with full afterburner!
  • Mobirate
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We will consider your suggestions!

Latest Update :

Use boosters to increase reputation received by your teammates. The higher the League of your Team, the more boosters you can use;
Take part in the exhibition and show your trucks to other players. Vote for a truck you like most to choose the winners;

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