RoverCraft 2 – Build your own unique rover

[Game] RoverСraft 2

RoverСraft 2  RoverCraft 2 – The Next RoverCraft Series Game With Over 10 Million Installations Worldwide

Achieving success in RoverСraft 2 is easy:

Download game
Build your own unique rover
Conquer all the planets

Master the most unusual terrains of unknown planets.
Navigate across the planets and get to the mothership!

RoverCraft 2 is a free to play game but there are optional in-app purchases available.

RoverСraft 2 user reviews :

I think this game is perfect if you have patience to beat the levels slowly. You might need some upgrades what you can get every few hours. No rush, plan and enjoy. If you are the type of player who would like to speed run all the levels then buy the packages… I wouldn’t blame the developer, I think its a well designed game. UPDATE: after a few months off,tried to play again. New updates, great, syncing with cloud finally, lost all the progress had more than 2 million coins earned… I’m sad..
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  • Hello! Thank you for the feedback!

Great game that is hurt by HORRIBLE in game store. This game is excellent and rich and fun and challenging. It’s been my go to now for weeks on end as my transport or waiting room time killer. I’m proud to have reached 3 stars on every map. (The last cave level took me a week). However the in game store is a scam and chances of new items and rae items is FAR below what is stated in the item store. Spent maybe $200 total over months, to no avail, it made me hate the game and it’s developers.

The latest update ruined the game… I had to reupgrade ALL of my parts (costing almost 200000 coins) AND the design I had prior to the update (which worked great) was suddenly gone. Furthermore, due to major changes in game mechanics, some of the parts aren’t the same anymore (for example one of the wheels breaks off VERY VERY easily and is all but useless). Very much less likely to play the game now… IF I play it at all. Prior to the update,the game was fun in it own way (compared to 1st v)
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  • Hello! Thank you for the feedback!
It’s a fun game but it is pay 2 win! It is very hard to progress unless you spend real money to aquire the parts you need to pass a level. Developer is greedy
  • Mobirate
  • Hello! Thank you for the feedback! You can play the game without paying real money. It might take more time to upgrade but it won’t be less interesting. We have done our best to make playing without gold not less exciting.
i love this game ive played it through twice now the first time in beta and just recently. the game is every bit as good as it was in beta and when first released i have but 1 complaint that being knowing how many parts there are its just ridiculous that they are so hard to find now, not sure wth they are thinking but why keep playing a game with no rewards . besides that though this game is great. a far different game than the first rover craft for sure
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  • Hello! Thank you for the feedback!
The new update took all my progress as far as parts and coins. I ground on that for a very long time. Extremely disappointed, and considering deleting it. Not worth the grind. Your video system is faulty, so it almost never gets to 4 videos watched for the box of parts. The parts I had have been reset. And while I love the idea of redoing levels, that should have been optional, not necessary. And what happened to the non mission delivery every few hours? No, you screwed up the game good.
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  • Hello! Thank you for the feedback! After the update all players start from the beginning. Only opened details will remain. Despite this saving progress is now available in the game.
Played this game after the first one. And if I were to chose one to be my favorite, it would be the first game. However that’s only because I have 2 problems with this one. The first is just how rare the parts are! And I don’t mean to upgrade them but to get new ones, I spent all of the chips I got on supply boxes and only got 8 out of the 35 or something parts! And second is the low number of missions, I understand your most likely going to add newer missions so I don’tond that problem as much.
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  • Hello! Thank you for the feedback!
Update after a new version. The game is significantly more difficult than before, parts break like they’re made of glass, more in line with Rovercraft 1 (although far less gimmicky). Some modules became a bit useless, but overall a great update. Still fairly monetized, no ads, excellent production quality, multiple fun levels. There are minor issues with the physics simulation where sometimes the rover will explode for no apparent reason.
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