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Binance  Welcome to the World’s #1 cryptocurrency platform by trading volume!

Trusted by millions of users worldwide. Get started today and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Link, Tezos, Cardano and Binance Coin, and more, all with some of the lowest fees in crypto.

Access features like:


Shop Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and more. Simply add a debit or credit card to buy and sell crypto instantly.


Choose from 150+ supported cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Link, Tezos, Cardano and Binance Coin.


Security is the highest priority for us when it comes to safeguarding your funds. Your funds are protected by our Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU Funds). Store your crypto safely with the Binance app.

Earn money on your crypto and enjoy some of the highest interest rates on the market with Binance Savings & Staking.

Discover more buying opportunities. Set price alerts with a single tap to stay up to date on the latest prices and trends.

New to crypto? Our Binance app’s mobile-first design lets you switch between Lite and Pro interfaces with a single tap. Keep it simple or access advanced trading features, all in one app.

We’re making it easier than ever to buy crypto. Set a recurring buy to purchase Bitcoin and other crypto on a regular basis. You choose how much you want to buy and how often, and our Binance app does the rest!

Spend Bitcoin or BNB at over 50 million merchants worldwide when you sign up for the Binance Card. Available in select markets.

Send and receive crypto from friends and family, to and from your Binance wallet with QR codes.


We’re always here to help, whether you’re a longtime user or just getting started. Access 24/7 live chat customer support in 8 languages (English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Korean, and Vietnamese).

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Binance user reviews :

The latest update brought some welcome changes to the app. I’ve been enjoying using it, and I have no complaints about the experience. However, the latest update also brought a really annoying feature that makes me uncomfortable, any time I click on the bottom-most tabs (Home, Market, Trades, Futures, Wallet), it vibrates the screen even though I disabled tactile feedback on my phone. Please fix this even though it’s an extremely minor concern.

Wonderful… The best trading app ever. Very fast and reliable. God! Your app rock. I mean no change for trading and you can trade so many coin at the same time. Wow! Both buy and sell interface are now on same page to make things more eaiser i recommend this app. I LOVE BINANCE. KEEP UP THE GRATE JOB!

With every update from past 4-5 months, the app has just got sleeker and sleeker. Love it!! Keep up the good work guys! One recommendations – In trades (center) tab when we click on the open trades icon, the history is out at the top right which isn’t quite an ideal position. Do what you’ve done for futures open orders and order history, just slide right to get the order history. That would be really neat.

A good app, but needs some serious reworkings. Price charts are not working in spot trade, it’s slow as a turtle, email authentication always comes late, pita :)) Edit: One more star just for fixing price charts in today’s release :) Edit: Another star for new bug fixes!

This is an excellent full-featured app. On a related note binance is its own financial ecosystem. It’s amazing.

Pretty good app on the whole but can you please not reset the time when scrolling right in a chart. And if you switch the chart time base have it default to the latest time. Right now if you scroll right it doesn’t end at today it just loops back to the beginning which is sometimes months earlier

Would like the ability to see all coins and price %change and graphs against the US dollar. Can only get the price of altcoins against another crypto. I understand why, but makes all functionality (other than trading) pointless to me as I need to use another app to get this.

Great app! Haven’t had any issues after using it for hours every day for a couple weeks. Wish other popular exchanges had an app like this

Great for on the go updates and to make trades quickly. Would be awesome to be able to have alerts pushed to the phone rather than relying on other apps that use different exchanges and therefore different rates.

Grate app add some below more features 1) stop loss 2)after purchase P/L to show in percentage manner 3)graph need to view in month , 3 month , 6 month, 1 years , 2years wise 4)indicator editable for user like Macd

Real time trading with an awesome interface that too with a normal internet plan. The future seems exciting,

Please let me edit the SMA period! Great app; needs better customization options.

Latest Update :

Welcome to the World’s #1 cryptocurrency platform by trading volume!

Trusted by millions of users worldwide. Get started today and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, ChainLink, Rune, Cardano, Binance Coin, SHIB, and more, all with some of the lowest fees in crypto. Additionally, explore awesome art and collectibles on Binance NFT marketplace!

Binance App is available only to non-U.S. citizens and residents. For U.S. citizens and residents, please install Binance.US App.


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