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BingMicrosoft Bing helps you find trusted search results fast, collect Microsoft Rewards points, track topics and trending stories that matter to you, and take control of your privacy.

Just by searching with the Bing app, you can collect Microsoft Rewards points. You can redeem points for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, nonprofit donations, and more. It’s the easiest way to get rewarded for doing what you already love to do. The Bing app is the fastest way to collect your Microsoft Rewards points wherever you are. And if you enroll in Give with Bing, you can donate those points to a charity of your choosing.

All the highlights

Get the same trusted search results even faster and take control of your privacy.

Search & earn
The Bing app is the fastest way to collect Microsoft Rewards points. Search on the app to put points on the board. Each time you earn enough points to level up, you’ll earn faster!

Earning more rewards is easy, simple, and fun. Just search with the Microsoft Bing app and you’ll earn faster than ever.

Set the Bing homepage image as your device’s wallpaper, plus get the story behind each beautiful and fascinating photo.

Play 100+ free games online, including classics from Microsoft, Atari, and more.

Save time and money by shopping your favorite stores all in one place.

Cash back
Get discounts and cash back with featured deals and rebates on the Bing app.

Get live rain and storm tracking, a 24-hour future radar, a 7-hour rain intensity forecast, and more.

Watch and Images
Search and browse trending videos and images across the web.

Search, explore, and discover fun local spots.

Voice search
It’s easy to search by speaking—just tap the mic icon.

Visual search
Get smart search results about anything you see by snapping a pic with your phone.

Real-time tracking of scores, stats, and highlights for your favorite teams..

Get quick translations for more than 70 languages. Give your language learning a boost, whether you’re a student or a traveler!

Unit converter
Convert between 18 different units with this easy-to-use tool.

From arithmetic to algebra and beyond, just snap a pic with your phone to solve any math problem or equation.

Watch livestreams, get the latest news, and more.

Get more storage space for your photos and files. Keep your files protected, synced, and accessible on all your devices. Access, upload, and share your files from anywhere.

Only available in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

Only available in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and France.

Bing user reviews :

I use to like this app, but it has become to bug ridin. This was a good app when it was just for rewards. To much effort in making it a browser has tuned it into garbage. The most recent update has caused me not to be able to log in with my Microsoft personal account. When you click on sign in it just spins and never opens the login page. I have ditched this app for edge. I runs much faster and I can still do my mobile searches.

It Auto loads news and hot links with no way to turn it off. You can not have your own homepage. Nor save data and time and have nothing but the search window. These Auto features causes the program to Crash so much, that I am often spending 3-6 hours just trying to get to my email account or to search any one thing. Therefore, this app is useless. You are best off, finding a simpler browser app and going to the bing website to use some of its features there.

I wanted an alternative to Chrome which is notoriously bad about user privacy. Bing is serviceable and has a better track record regarding privacy but the app and search engine are really annoying to use. Examples: – every time you open the app/tabs/li it opens a new copy of the app leading to many copies opened at once. There is no function to search an open page for a keyword. -The “news feed” of the home screen is a joke. Etc.

As a search engine, who cares THAT much about Bing? It’s not awful, but a little less user friendly than Chrome as it takes way more taps per action. But as a rewards app, it’s great! It does require a bit more effort, keeping your monthly streak, but the earn rate is very good! You get 270 points every day, every 1.3k-1.6k points is $1 (depending on the card you want). That is $1 every 6 days if you keep up with rewards! Plus, since it’s Microsoft, you can redeem Xbox balance!

I actually kinda like this Bing app (mostly for the rewards functions). I’m taking off 2 Stars (it’s 4 stars without the issue mentioned below) because it won’t STFU. I have now turned off all notifications at least 4 times but it (I presume the app) just keeps turning them back on so most days I see a new Bing notification & turn them off again.

Great browsing experience, sometimes the home page gets to be a little to much with all the news and adds. But I usually use the private search, don’t get any of the adds, etc. In private. Highly recommend this browser. Lots of costimication options for page. Top notch search results.

My experience with chrome was really education and aways seem like I couldn’t get use to it .. Im really liking bing and the pretty wallpaper very colorful and happy feeling, The edge browser I like best for myself still learning about extensions and need to study more of those so I aways use the correct one for the job. Chrome browser I want to use again just to see if I can master it as well important to me to learn all . Bing I am enjoying. Trying others too . Been a good experience with bing

Bing is the best search engine on the Internet for me, and I enjoy the app fairly well. I wish that my bookmarks synced to my computer though, so I am using Microsoft Edge to do this. Thanks!

I like it so much this aap

Stop removing features. Why did you remove the ability to open pages in another browser. Just annoying and frustrating that you keep changing things that don’t need to be changed

Latest Update :

1. Faster, more accurate, more capable. The new Bing runs on a next-generation OpenAI large language model. This new language model is more powerful than ChatGPT and customized for search.

2. More relevant, timely, targeted results – all with improved safety. Microsoft Prometheus Model. Our proprietary technology – the Microsoft Prometheus Model – is a collection of capabilities that best leverages the power of OpenAI.

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