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Bitdefender VPNLooking for a fast VPN app to secure Internet access on your mobile phone?

Bitdefender VPN is a fast and secure VPN app powered by a global cybersecurity leader. Protect your online privacy, browse anonymously, and access your favorite websites anywhere in the world. Unlimited VPN access to secure your Internet connection on up to 10 devices cross-platform (Android, Windows, Mac, iOS).

Ultra-fast VPN app, expert online security
Bitdefender VPN uses powerful algorithms to encrypt all your online traffic and routes it through a private tunnel which grants you full anonymity. Your online activity is protected, making it impossible for hackers, ISPs and advertisers to access and analyze your private data.

Unlimited VPN – Access your favorite websites anywhere in the world
Explore the Internet without geo restrictions. Unlock mobile apps, content, and websites by changing your IP address with a simple click. Bitdefender VPN enables you to surf the web privately and securely.

Secure VPN – Safely browse public Wi-Fi hotspots
Connect your virtual private network to any of our servers to secure your online traffic with advanced encryption, blocking everyone to access it. With Bitdefender VPN any data you send or receive stays protected.

Private VPN – Safe Internet access
Hide your IP address when browsing. Connect securely and become anonymous and untraceable.
With Ad blocker, you can instantly block annoying ads and popups that disrupt your reading and browsing routine. This helps you stay focused, save bandwidth, and reclaim your entire screen for relevant content only.
The Anti-tracker feature helps you stay invisible to the trackers that gather your data (device type, location, web queries, shopping preferences) and slowing down your device. You can also whitelist specific trusted domains that might not load properly without tracker code.
With Ad blocker and Anti-tracker, you are in control of your browsing.

Free VPN up to 200 Mb/day. Premium plan available
Use Bitdefender VPN free of charge for up to 200 Mb/day or try our premium plan for 7 days, no credit card required.
In-app purchases are available for monthly or yearly premium plans.
With the premium VPN you get unlimited traffic and a plethora of servers all over the world to choose from. You are one click away from securing all your traffic with one of the fastest VPN services in the market.

Bitdefender VPN: Fast, Secure and Anonymous Browsing
Stream videos, watch your favorite shows and listen to songs on any music player anywhere in the world
Unlimited encrypted traffic for up to 10 mobile devices
Complete online security and anonymity
Internet kill-switch; Split-Tunneling; Ad blocker & Anti-tracker
No traffic logs
4000+ servers in 49 countries around the world

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Bitdefender VPN user reviews :

The good: It is a great product with even better support and affordable prices. The bad: You have to reinstall the application (or to delete all app data – not tested) once every few months in order to work. The ugly: You know you have to reinstall when you have no more internet access. Regardless of the internet provider (Wi-Fi or Mobile Data) or the VPN state (on / off)

  • Hi Stefan, please contact us at vpnfeedback[at] with your account details and internet connection information so we can assist you further.

I have been using it for a few weeks now. It kind of disconnected rsndomly throughout the day… which is not great. But it worked, most of the time. But my big issue right now is that it stopped connecting, at all. It either sais that the connection took to long or that there i no connection, when i’m clearly connected to wifi. Some help woul be nice!

  • Hello Iris, I am deeply sorry you are experiencing issues with our app. If you’re willing to give us a hand please reach out to us at bitsy[at] with a few details of what’s not working for you and we’ll do our best to get it solved asap. Thank you!

With the battle for control of the Internet; Bitwarden doesn’t seem to allow access to sites that “know” a VPN is in use, which defeats the purpose of having one…or paying a service at that. Even Netflix has become savvy, and will only display “global content” when a VPN is recognized. When the program works, it’s great! But quite annoying having to bend the knee at times as a paying customer.

Works well, but too often blocks everything when switching networks. I have to manually disconnect and reconnect multiple times a day. It interferes with google maps often while driving (offline means i need to disconnect VPN) Additionally, adblock rarely works on a reconnect. I’m used to having to manually disconnect/restart every time i change my venue. Worked with support for 2 weeks with zero positive results. When manually reconnected, it’s awesome; just dont trust the auto-connect setting

  • Please contact us at vpnfeedback[at] with your account details and internet connection information so we can assist you further.

Great VPN! I have it on my phone and laptop and especially since the Google VPN is going away for other devices, I need something for my laptop and I bought a year for $30 plus tax. I’ve been targeted by hackers before and live by a high school to boot where they’re mischievous to say the least so it’s good to be safe. Plus I go to libraries and bookstores and coffee shops. Public spaces are more of an issue.

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