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Windscribe VPNHave you ever farted on a packed plane, panicked, and started hoping and praying no one knew it was you? Now imagine the plane is the internet and your fart is your browsing history.

The passengers sitting next to you are your ISP, advertisers, and government agencies. And let’s just say they love the smell of a good fart. Without a VPN, they would instantly know you farted. Then, on top of that, every time you went back on the internet, you’d be forced to watch ads about farting, and travel recommendations to bean farms around the world.

When you enable Windscribe VPN, it’s like flying on a private jet: you can fart all you want; there are no ads, and you’re the pilot. With Windscribe, no one even checks your passport – you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, without being tracked or being forced to watch videos on how not to die. Since Windscribe adds an additional layer of encryption to your traffic and routes it through secure VPN servers, it’s kinda like farting in the Wind. After all, if you fart and no one can smell it… how can they know you farted? Exactly. It’s literally science.

Borderline insane hypothetical fart analogies aside, Windscribe VPN offers you a ton of security and privacy features, such as:

Free Features
10GB/month of data
Strict no logging policy
DNS level malware and annoyance filtering
Support for many protocols: WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, Stealth, WStunnel
Unique anti-censorship features – connect in hostile environments
Unblock geo-restricted content (300+ services supported)
Advanced Split Tunneling – Has nothing to do with butts
Automatically connects (or disconnects) on chosen WiFI networks
Access servers in 10 countries (including US, Canada, UK and more)

Pro Features
Everything above plus:
UNLIMITED connections
Access to Servers in 69 countries and 130+ data-centers!
Clinically proven to increase IQ by 69 points

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Windscribe VPN user reviews :

The best free VPN that works on all operating systems! I am really satisfied by the service and will recommend it all the people who are looking for a VPN that’s safe, reliable, has advanced features and also free. Thanks for everything.

I am a traveller. Have a need to communicate with my bank when away. I didn’t notice much performance until I got to Egypt. Since here, some protocols are being blocked at the internet level (government restrictions) but there has never yet been an option that couldn’t get through! Especially when using the circumvent sensorship option. Great product so far. BTW I’m writing this review though Windscribe so I might get out of here alive.

Used to be amazing about a year ago. Now if you want to spend 30 minutes of your day solving captchas get this VPN. I’m not sure what happened. Did they reduced the number of servers or more and more people using this while they are not expanding their number of servers. I’m not purchasing a subscription again after it expires in couple of months.

Enjoying this on android tv – could do with an on screen button in the corner to show you’re still connected with an adjustable opacity level… I found when I used IPVanish and ran a speed test on the android tv the tv could get nearly 200mbps speeds despite the ethernet only being a 10/100 port, when I turned IPVanish off I was getting around 95mbps (megabites per second) – I’ve been unable to achieve this with Windscribe

Excellent – no problems, have watched UK TV from Europe, and US Masters Golf via Australian feed, worked every time, so app deservedly deserves upgrade to 5 stars. “Been trialing Windscribe free for a few weeks, it has performed faultlessly, so today decided to go for the paid version, initially one month to see how it performs, and then lets see, will add another star if ok!

I haven’t had any problems or anything yet. But seems like the app has a lot of bugs on other devices. Aside app, the service is very good and one of the best in the market as per my observation. But the app itself needs repair it seems.

I cannot double hop via the same protocol anymore, different location. While disconnected, pull to refresh force closes the app. I cannot switch protocol while disconnected. I cannot switch protocol during prolong connection attempt, requiring to dig through settings or force stop app. There’s so much screen… The main view can be a tier of collapsible, easy access settings including locations. Where’s the innovation!? Why be stiff like other apps!?

Good vpn. Been using windscribe for 5 or 6 years now. For free that is. Alas 10gb free data is wild. Enough for up to 15-20 hours of watching videos on 360p. And the best feature yet which i came to love is that windscribe blocks popup ads. I dont know how it does it but its great lol. Ive never really had any issues with the servers either. I might upgrade to pro soon. The monthly price looks extremely fair and affordable especially with the bonus features.

Great VPN and especially love their sense of humor. Stable , great speeds and throughout my testing seems secure . I have exhausted my free account which has been more then generous. Would be great if you offered a lifetime subscription.

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