Blade Dance Legacy – Leave your mark and become a legend

[Game] Blade Dance Legacy

Blade Dance LegacyBlade Dance Legacy is a New Fantasy MMORPG.

Dive into a world of never-ending adventure to get the strongest legacy. Raid a Mythical Monster’s lair, search for lost artifacts, and fight with your friend to become the strongest alliance. Your actions will influence the world around you through epic story events that will shape the future. Leave your mark and become a legend.

Game Features:

Various Class
Experience a new adventure with a variety of class choices!!

Alliance System
Gather your friends and make a Strongest Alliance

Nation War System
Get new experience of massive war, gather your friends, and fight for your Nation in Faction War!!

Hundred Cosmetic
Want to be more famous? Collect hundreds of costumes and be a fashionista and Trend Center!

Wedding System
Find your perfect match and explore the fantasy world together

Blade Dance Legacy user reviews :

I don’t like game characters with their own skills, but I want to use game characters with a lot of book skills and use my favorite martial arts.@ character body setting too (def or att or crit) we want set up not like own system …ur game is the all great so cool but if +my idea ur game is will mix out million players i trust u

there’s so much bug especially in server 1 there are players that have low vip yet high fp because of investments bug (unlimited claiming boxes even they dont top up) and forging of pet in smelter is only for 1 red pet only i suggest dont play this game anymore

for me it’s okay to play and it’s good if you have someone to play with, the graphics are okay so I recommend playing it

good game, I recommend to remove auto attk. Anyway I gonna upload this gameplay to my YouTube Channel named GAMER FOREVER.

This game is enjoyable and easy to play make a lot o friends to be with and it’s worldwide awesome!!

This game is so nice no problem with the graphicis and cool i love this game

very easy to grind good community and also good graphics and storyline

always stock on map, hassle and time consuming. i logout and still stock. bye

I loved it at first and I put time and effort into the game to make my character stronger. But today, I tried to log in multiple times and it never allows me back into the account. It says ‘Connection error, try again after a moment’, but my WiFi is fine and I logged into my alt account just fine too but not on my main one. After so much time and effort, and me being sent back to login page again and again, I feel pretty awful for wasting my time. Uninstalling the game, not worth it.

  • Hello Heroes, I’m sorry for your trouble. Can you help me explain about your login issue, please? I will wait for you at, I will help your problem

Well, i wouod say its not rlly bad though. But i wanna complain about the controls, it was pretty bad. When you fight a monster and use a special skills, it often came late or just didnt act at all(maybe just for me). The joystick also pretty hard to notice me when im using it(also maybe because of my big hand lmao). After all the music and backgrounds are beautiful. The character design is pretty too. Yea i would love it if you fix the controls, overall its beautiful!

  • Hello Heroes, Thanks to your advice. This is something we will bring to our team for future consideration. If you encounter any problem in the game, please contact us at we will be happy to help you

The game is pretty standard. It helps pass the time. However waiting for a team can be annoying as most people won’t team outside their clan etc. Perhaps when matching, after a certain time allowing people to team with npc to get their dailies done. Also give an option to switch alliances or a guide to do so

  • Hello Heroes! Thanks for your review and advice. This is something we will bring to our team for future consideration. If you encounter any problem in the game, please contact us at we will be happy to help you

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