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[Game] Kemono Friends Kingdom

Kemono Friends KingdomWelcome to “Kingdom”, an abandoned large-scale theme park where you will meet a diverse cast of animal friends and embark on a miraculous adventure with them.

But beware of the azure monsters scattered throughout the Kingdom! With the help of your animal friends’ unique characteristics and the landform organs’ mechanisms, you can overcome these mysterious enemies and save the Kingdom together.

“Animal Girls, Befriend Today!”

Enter for a Heartwarming Story!
“Kingdom” offers unique animal friends with distinct personalities and thrilling adventures. Get ready for a captivating narrative filled with laughter, tears, and heartwarming plot twists that will keep you engaged throughout the game.

Launch for Strategic Combat!
To defeat the mysterious Cerulean in “Kingdom”, animal friends must strategically adjust their flying device’s ejection angle and strength. Battle a variety of Ceruleans, each presenting unique challenges to overcome.

Machenisms Vary in Terrains!
Explore “Kingdom’s” varied terrains like grasslands, rainforests, and deserts. You’ll discover hidden terrain mechanisms that can make or break your progress in battle. Strategize with your animal friends and tackle these challenging levels together!

Miraculous Ulti with Cinematic Effects!
“Experience stunning 2D animations showcasing each animal friend’s unique and powerful ultimate moves like the crested ibis’s singing or the panther chameleon’s ninjutsu. These moves can defeat the Cerulean and protect the peaceful life of “Kingdom”.

Fun Facts about Animal Friends!
All animal friends in “Kingdom” are inspired by real animals. Enjoy spending time with them in the game, and learn more about their real-world counterparts through “Kingdom’s” popular science feature.

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Kemono Friends Kingdom user reviews :

This is a really fun game that’s quite generous when it comes to the Gacha aspect. The main problem is that there’s so many bugs that the game straight up crashes my phone. It’s not a storage issue on my part either. I have 50GB of space left on my phone. It even crashes when it’s running in the background. It’s sad really, because the gameplay and characters are really fun. Hopefully they can fix these bugs.

really great and fun game, no issues so far bar one minor issue which is that if you pick male as your gender the text doesn’t change I still get called her or she but honestly not a huge deal. the gameplay is solid I love the RPG elements of the game and who doesn’t love a great art style. If you are still not sure just give it a go can’t hurt to try it yea and hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do.

I was very excited to play this game and once it downloaded and I tapped on it, it glitched out and I can’t play the game at all I even uninstalled it but it didn’t work. If it actually works soon then it will be a 4 or 5 star! Update: I finally got it to work and it’s a wonderful game I love the characters and the gameplay is actually very easy and the graphics are wonderful as well. It’s smooth some lag but that can be fixed and it’s just a nice game would recommend.

  • The package is 3.2GB, downloaded in 2 stages from Google Play. If an error arises in the 2nd stage, reinstall and ensure a full download from the store. The initial 0.97GB allows entry, but get the full 3.2GB for complete gameplay. And welcome email us at developer_kfk[at] for more questions.

There is too much statcheck, I either clear a level easily or not at all. Grind and statcheck are detrimental to mechanics and not needed here. I think everyone wants to replicate the success of genshin but they don’t realise that a big budget and luck is needed to attract a certain crowd, I am here and not playing popular gacha. I’d want the levels to be more interactive with strategy mattering more. The fun mechanics, story, characters, art and animal trivia are enough to make it successful

Reasonably fun game for a licensed-IP gacha, has good rates and a unique Angry Birds RPG combat system. Multiple viable team strategies allow for most Friends to be good for those who have preexisting favorites. Lost a star due to poor localization: lots of typos, text that goes off screen or is missing entirely, strange phrasing, etc. Assuming the new devs plan to stick around instead of abandon ASAP like the original CN ones did, that shouldn’t be too hard to fix. I hope it lasts longer here.

Faithful adaptation to the original anime. The story is very engaging and the voice acting is superb. Very interesting mix for combat gameplay and it is currently very enjoyable. F2P friendly so far, (I have gotten a full team of 6 stars and dupes are not necessary for them to be viable at least for the main story so far.) No annoyances hindering quality-of-life that are paywalled, very comfortable progression (albeit a couple of pop ups). Overall very good so far.

Very kawaii! Huge fan of the series can’t put it down so far, as Iam a noob. I’m getting enough out of it that I want to play. As a PCA my job is pretty time intensive so if you just want to get on and see the cute characters pop up on the screen and do their animations while having time to do the other stuff you need to do, it isn’t timed or anything when you do the little mini game. (so far) There are login bonuses as well though so try to log in every day to get the max benefit.

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