Blade Fantasy – Adventure in the open eastern World

[Game] Blade Fantasy – Immortal Epic

Blade Fantasy Download to get SSR Deamon! A sea of dazzling wings, supreme gear, high-ranking weapons, rare items, and fantastic costumes, brings a great surge to your combat power!

Welcome to Blade Fantasy — A MMORPG mobile game with an eastern fantasy theme.

Breathtaking Storyline. Adventure in the open eastern World
There are stories waiting to be told; worlds to be found; battles to be fought. Experience the eastern fantasy world

Class Transfer. Choose to Become God or Demon
Maintain as a divine warrior, or you would like to gain the force of demons and become as one member of the chaos? All depend on you.

Abundant Outfits. Dress Up for the Latest Warrior
Check your Armoire, there are different clothes, weapon skins and battle wings available.

Tame Divine Beasts. Get the Adventure Pet
Ready to face the Great Whale and the Northern Dragon? Can you tame them as your own pet? Gain the force from the beasts!

Squad Up and Fight. Multiplayer online arena
Are you looking for a great union? Create your own guild or join someone else’s guild! Don’t forget to invite your friends and squad up.

Challenge the Dungeons. Collect the Rare Items
Challenge the monster bosses in the dungeons, you will be rewarded with rare items for your courage. You may collect legendary weapons from the battlegrounds!

Auction System. Available for Every One
You have some left over gears and items? Take part in the trade system, sell your items and buying something from others! Someone may have the precious items to sell, are you the lucky buyer?

Customization Feature.Character-shaping as you wish
Customize your character, with large amount of outfits and gears.

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Blade Fantasy user reviews :

Just edited my review and here is the result: 1. The gameplay button is not responsive 2. The graphic is good 3. The fighting experience is not interesting as the enemies are just act like passive unlike the enemies that we have found in other hack and slash games. 4. Gameplay also to common and alsmost the same with other similar games Other than that is all ok. Regards, Lee

If you’ve played one of these kinds of games: You’ve pretty much played them all. This is no exception. Decent graphics, no reason to manually control your character, hitting a massive progression wall after the first hour or so with about 5-10 forms of monetization to help get ahead (MASSIVE P2W), excessive amounts of menus that can be hard to keep track of. It’s ridiculous, but hey. Also: The controls are unresponsive at times.

Definitely P2W, in the beginning I was able to get to a very high level and get on the top of the ranks, without making a purchase, but it isn’t sustainable. It becomes more difficult to level as you keep going. Extremely disappointed. It sometimes takes days just to reach 10 levels. (game progress : opening more interfaces to gain bp). Which effects everything, significantly slows down game play, and becomes horrifically repetitive. It really could be a great game. For now I have grown bored.

I like the game and the game play. However there are some bugs. It isn’t sized right. The buttons are offset to my screen so when I try to press it presses other things. Also the customer support needs work. Submitted reports about in game content not working and they use standard reply. Send pics, join Facebook for more support and it says there away or something to that extent

It is a really great game. The graphics are amazing and there’s so much detail put into everything (clothing, rides, pets, houses). The storyline is nice, but I wish they would constantly add a new chapter.If u do it,I will be willing to spend the money I would have spent on Age of magic and Black desert mobile to you.

Fun game. A bit confusing and still learning. Because this seems to be based on Chinese culture, it is really attractive to me, so I took this opportunity to get acquainted with Eastern culture.The games that have given me the idea of learning in the past are King’s Choice and Rise of Empires, which are also recommended for everyone.

This game is decent. They do offer incentive to give 5 star ratings. Since I haven’t played to high level, not sure if its p2w yet, but it seems standard for a C game. Big pro: you can turn off auto combat, so you *can* play on your own. I find auto pickup helpful. The translation could benefit from asking EN players to submit edits & offering free (good) in game items. Sadly no character customization, but at least spirit dancer is cute.

Take it from a pro mb game reviewer, I’ve never seen a MMORPG game this good that has ever been as pleasing to the eyes as this one (Except Darkness Rises, which is obviously pretty much unbeaten), but this one is definitely cutting a close 2nd! And who cares if it’s p2w or if there’s a bit more kinks to work out with the graphics? Every good game has it’s own issues.

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