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BlinkBlink uses AI to help you easily create great talking videos. Ideal for vloggers, influencers, or anyone making videos for TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram Reels.

AI Captions: Automated, Stylish Captions & Subtitles for Videos
Blink adds auto-captions to your videos, making them more user-friendly. Supports various file types and languages, and lets you choose from trendy caption styles.

AI Translate: Effortless Multilingual Voice and Subtitle Translation
Translate your video’s voice and text into different languages easily. From English to Spanish or Portuguese to French, get accurate dubbing and subtitles.

AI Script: Write Video Scripts for You, Powered by GPT
Jot down your thoughts and our AI turns them into a finished script. This frees you to focus more on delivering your message.

AI Title: Auto-Generated Video Intro Animation
Get automatic, personalized video titles that fit right into your content. Choose from a wide range of pre-made title animations.

AI Teleprompter for Seamless Recording
Forget memorizing scripts. Our teleprompter scrolls at your speaking speed, allowing natural delivery and eye contact.

AI Video Editor: Edit Videos via Text
Edit by removing words from the transcribed text. This trims the video and audio segments accordingly, making editing super easy.

AI Background: Real-Time Change Your Background
Blur your background, or switch backgrounds in real-time with our virtual green screen. No need for green screens or additional editing.

Fun Emojis, GIFs & Sound Effects
Spice up your videos with emojis, GIFs, and sounds. All it takes is a click.

AI Noise Reducer
Get clear audio with AI-powered noise reduction.

AI Beauty Filters for the Perfect Look
Use beauty filters to enhance your appearance in videos.

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Blink user reviews :

I really loved this app but wanted to have one simple feature if you guys can in your upcoming update, we should be able to control the font size for the super sizing too. I think that would be pretty to just add this feature and it could be really helpful as the super sized text is really big and the the text that I highlight looks really small. I hope you get my point and please make it possible in the upcoming update.

Great app, is surprisingly very accurate and text editing is great. Extremely good for a free app. Edit, I originally rated it 5 but now it has dropped significantly due to there being paid limits to the main feature – captioning. This tool comes in very handy for early content creators who need as many tools as they can at the start as they don’t know or have much. Having to pay extra doesn’t help much. Like at all. There shouldn’t be permanent limits before a pay wall is introduced.

  • Dear user, thank you for your feedback! We want to build an app with a sustainable business model. The premium plan introduced is for us to build a better app. We have a lot of awesome features coming, and we hope you can stay tuned for the updates. Thank you for using our app.

I do enjoy this app. some great features, but it has frozen on me serval times so far and that’s not a good start. that said it’s already saved me time vs my older method. If the freezing weren’t happening during the edit I would give 4 stars. to get the fifth they need to improve the clarity on the subtitles its not accurate .. but I’ve seen worse. just need to ensure to read and edit. lastly the ai script writer doesn’t write long enough scripts when requested. they are always the same size

  • Dear user, thank you for your feedback. We’ve shared your request and problem with our product team for future consideration. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us via in-app support. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you for using our app!

Only rated this 5 stars to get a 1 day free trial. Edit: After using it, it’s a great app. It automatically added subtitles to my video; also allowed me edit the subtitles. But the app isn’t free. You’ll have to pay in order to export/download the subtitled video.

Terrible sync…. The teleprompter is good but the audio is like a bad kunfu movie. It doesn’t sync so my lips are still moving secs after the audio has completed. Such a shame as I thought I’d finally found the app I need for my content but I can’t upload this!!

It works just well enough and for the price is a good app. However, the teleprompter often freezes up, there is no pause and start feature, so either you have redo everything from the top, or save the take and edit your script, and then reshoot another sequence. The captions app makes lots of errors, and even after I edit and add punctuation, it won’t keep the edits. Also, the caption often lag behind the voice. Otherwise, this app does a decent job.

  • Dear user, we’re sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with our app. We value your feedback and would like to assist you in resolving any issues you have encountered. Please reach out to our support team via the in-app support function so that we can better understand the problem and provide you with the necessary assistance.

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