Block Story – Embark on an epic quest to save the world

[Game] Block Story

Block StoryBuild a world of vast landscapes where you have ultimate control.

You decide where to go and what to build. Fly on dragons and other creatures as you embark on an epic quest to save the world.

Block Story® combines popular 3D block building, sandbox exploration gameplay with exciting and addictive role playing game elements. Complete quests to conquer diverse biomes and become the greatest warrior in the realm. Build strongholds, encounter a wide variety of creatures, battle boss monsters, and mine valuable resources to upgrade weaponry, access better equipment and create artifacts to summon monsters of all sorts — including dragons! The first chapter of your story begins…

Key Features
Interactive Fire
Discover several new exciting quests
Learn from a wise Wizard on how to discover the many wonders of Block Story
Ride on dragons and 29 other creatures
Infinite hours of RPG exploration game play
Explore numerous biomes from desert wastelands to arctic mountain ranges but look out for the ice dragon
Encounter numerous supporting characters that will assist you on your quests.
Level up your hero with customized stats and attributes
Use the crafting system to forge a slew of magical items – from lighting swords, mystical staves and rare artifacts that summon dragons and other creatures that will aid you in battle

Block Story user reviews :

I haven’t played this game in 7 years, and I have missed it so much. It’s just as good as I remember, and I’m so glad that you guys kept it free. It’s perfect, except for one major combat flaw… knockback. I personally just think that knockback kinda ruined the combat system. It’s not so bad when you fight big monsters like Aragog or a dragon, but when you have to kill a spider or baby grizzly, that’s when it gets annoying. Still, I’m very pleased with what you’ve done with the game overall.

I used to play this on my tablet years ago. I remember being really pleased with it because it delivered all the things I felt were missing from minecraft. It had actual quests, the experience meant something, and the enemies were way more interesting than what was in minecraft at the time. From what I remember I think there were some slight performance issues and it wasn’t always clear what you were supposed to do or where to go. I’d consider downloading it again to see what it’s like today

BUG REPORT: when WiFi is turned off, everything is ok. When WiFi is turned on, sometimes the game crashes few seconds after launch. I noticed that this happens when there should have been an ad in the beginning. This means that if WiFi is on, the game tries to show an ad after launching. And sometimes something goes wrong and it crashed. Please, add exception to the code that runs that ad in the beginning.

Well, I’m playing it now due because I want to feel the nostalgic when I was younger. I was playing it with a controller at first but for some reason, the controller’s layout didn’t match to what you control. You can’t look around with the right joystick. LT, LB, RT, RB etc are practically the same button which is the inventory button. Playing it on a controller is impossible. Fix the bugs please, I would love to play with a controller

It’s a pretty fun game, but you (game developers) really need to include some form of navigation. If you don’t want to give us a full on map, at least give us a compass. Having no N,E,S,W, directions combined with replicas of buildings in every biome, it takes about 30 seconds to get lost and sometimes several hours to get back home. If you include a compass or map, I will change my review to 5 stars. Thank you.

Great game. Had this on one of my other devices but couldnt find it. In my opinion, it is WAY better than minecraft. I would like to ask to the developers to fix the controller settings. Im using an Xbox One controller and to look left I have to point the stick up and to go right I have to push it down. But otherwise GREAT graphics and I like how not everything is blocky. Keep up the great work!

all in all, i really like this game, i just wish the story line was longer. i don’t want a certain part of it to take longer, i just wish there were more parts to it. otherwise, its great edit: started reading through the other stuff, the joystick type movement is there because a lot of people go from consoles to mobiles, so its there to have the controls familiar. get used to it because i doubt the developers see an actual reason for changing the controls

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