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[Game] Blocky Craft

Blocky CraftMine blocks, crafting and building – main features about Blocky Craft – craft games!

Welcome to the block world with unlimited possibilities for build and mine! Craft buildings, destroy blocks, use various weapons to defend yourself from dozens of enemies – all in sandbox games! Explore the endless craft world but be careful of wild fauna and local inhabitants – get your weapon and show who’s the king of the block world 3d!

Blocky Craft – craft games – features:
crafting and building! Use various blocks to create your craft world. Do we really need to say anything else about building game? You know what this means.
survive in sandbox games! Be aware of wild blocky animals and savages
variety of weapons types for mine blocks and survive! Use a bow, gun or pistol. Destroy block world with bombs or get an axe!
mine resources to stay alive in craft games!
explore the endless cube world for crafting and building!
offline game mode! Enjoy building game without Internet!
simple and intuitive interface for pleasant sandbox games!

Blocky Craft – craft world:
your fav pixel and blocks graphics! Enjoy beautiful views of block world 3d!
auto-generated world! Explore the building game, craft and create your own buildings and items!
huge island created from blocks! Mine blocks, crafting and building anything you want – a house or maybe a castle?
powerful enemies! Fight them all in craft games!

Build, explore, gather resources, craft and build in sandbox games! Enjoy beautiful 3D building game graphics! Explore the block world – start living your dreams and imagination!

Survival block craft! All in one sentence. Mine blocks, collect resources, beat enemies! See ya on the Blocky Craft – craft games & sandbox games!

Blocky Craft user reviews :

The game would have been fun if everything wasnt all pink. Please fix the game

It just sucks. Moment you start you get attacked. No actual crafting system and you have no time to even try and build anything because enemies are everywhere. You also need to watch a video to respawn.

A yes. I indeed love experiencing the colonial days. Killing and slaving

I am old player of block craft game some Dimond

This game is very good i like this game

Very good game

Worst game… their is a pink screen in game and we cannot remove the screen ..all we can see is pink

  • Hello! Thanks for your review! Sorry that you’ve faced a problem in our craft game. We’ll be happy to discuss your issue on blockycraft[at]

Downloaded it, opened it, uninstalled it. AS SOON as you start you are attacked by a whole village of savages. No tutorial, so The red X deletes the item, the right sword destroys the item and the left sword gatheres the item. If you go all the way to the top of the mountain to be safe. You hit the end of the world and get stuck if you go off screen. If you die, you’re forced to watch an ad to be able to play again. I can’t even stress enough how bad this game is. Devs! Scrap it, start over.

  • Hello! Thanks for your review! Sorry that you’ve faced a problem in our craft game. We’ll be happy to discuss your issue on blockycraft[at]

It terrible, it got you weapon but it got you doing killing bone IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY AND THERE’S TRIBE PEOPLE FOR WHAT READON.

  • Hello! Sorry that you’ve faced a problem in our shooter. We’ll be happy to discuss your issue on blockycraft[at]

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