Scrap Metal Factory – Break down garbage into scrap metal

[Game] Scrap Metal Factory

Scrap Metal FactoryBreak it down! Make it better! Sell it! Become the boss of a scrap metal factory!
Break down garbage into scrap metal!
Sell scrap metal for a great price!
Perfect Tycoon Games!
Junkyard Tycoon Games!

Game Features
Smash ’em all!
Break down scrap garbage and turn it into money!

Run your own factory!
Become the boss of a factory!
Process scrap metal to make money.

Unique managers
Managers run the factory by themselves.
Check out the managers’ stories!

Start off as a broke boss, travel around and expand your business.
London, New York, Paris… And what next?

New Event Maps
Have fun playing the event maps that open every season!
There are always new places to have fun.

Although ScrapMetalFactory is free to play, there are items that you can purchase with cash.

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Scrap Metal Factory user reviews :

I’ve made it several levels in, 2nd world i believe, and it seems the progress has been all but stopped. I can’t make the money needed to upgrade and it got boring VERY fast after that. Uninstalling now. Ad removal is 30-40 dollars and packs are 10 each. Gonna pass on this for sure. Shame, could’ve been a fun little game. But you bottleneck progress to make money and that is not right. Give 2 stars as it is a fun little game with potential.

Extremely expensive game. No forced ads but when required to watch ads to make progres they are a minute long. In some situations player will stuck for days without progress or need to make a purchase for real money – mostly manager cards. Graphic is nice (1star) and no ads with timer/ session/ level forced, etc (1star). -2star=price, -1star in game costs.

2nd time I’ve seen this game, the 1st time I didn’t download after reading the comments, but after downloaded I can 100% say those comments are clueless. The game is fun, the graphics are great for what the game is, you can progress well without watching ads, the events are really good you can seriously plunge hours into them. Overall the game is addictive and I’d definitely recommend trying it out

Quests can’t complete without watching ad. I was playing the game, not really getting ads on first play through. All of a sudden a quest came up making me watch an ad to boost the game just to be able to continue, making it that if I didn’t watch the ad I wouldn’t be able to progress in the game at all 0/10 just for forcing you to watch a boost ad.

The scaling for the extra games needs to be adjusted some. It takes a lot of pickaxes/drills/etc. to upgrade managers compared to the number you receive.

Actually kind of fun, but not much different from factory line tycoon games like it. The story is really funny and the ads aren’t too bad so far.

The tutorial system is utterly obnoxious. It doesn’t actually help, and even half an hour in it’s still stealing control and forcing me to spend resources and tap things I don’t care about. The UI is littered with distractions. This would be a nice game, but the UX needs work.

It’s alright, but a bit ad reliant. If you want any progress anytime soon, be prepared to watch a ton of ads. If you’re like me though and are ok with that, this game can be a fun time waster…at least, until it wiped my save off my phone and off the cloud for no reason. I seem to be the only one with this issue tho, so it’s whatever. I won’t be playing it anymore cause of that, but it seems to be a freak occurrence.

Good game but I can not stand the exclamation points for videos. Its so dumb. Its like look at me it’s urgent….. Actually watch an ad and get a small prize. And there’s like 7-9 of them. One for basics ad, then for the 3 page thing there’s 4 there, then the event, then a gold scrap thing too, it’s wayyyyy to much. Looking at it should remove the exclamation point. But it don’t.

It’s a cute game, but I am really glad I didn’t pay any money. Every time I stop playing, I have to restart my phone if I want to play again. Otherwise the loading screen gets stuck at 35% (Initializing Firebase), and will not move past that. I might give this a try in the future after an update to see if that has been fixed, but I refuse to restart my phone every time just to play a game.

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