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Blogger Download the latest release of the official Blogger app, and start blogging on the go.

With Blogger for Android you can:

Compose a post that you can save to draft or immediately publish
Edit existing posts
View list of your saved and published posts
Switch account/blog if you have more than one
Embed images from the gallery, or by taking a picture directly from the app
Add labels to your posts

With the Blogger app for Android, you can quickly and easily publish posts to your blog wherever you are.

Blogger user reviews :

I’ve been using this app on mobile phone over two years now. Until recently I had a wonderful experience with the options of checking the stats of my posts, theme, layout settings etc on my phone. But as I updated this app recently, earlier features are all gone. I couldn’t figure out. I only wish if developers could restore the earlier options, it would be great! Thank you..

What users generally want with a mobile app for a blogging service is the ability to quickly produce a quality post and publish it. Not having more advanced formatting options is one thing, but how is the ability to add videos and images not included? This app is essentially worthless compared to the features available on the desktop web post editor interface.

Ok app, but it keeps crashing and deleting all my content if I make the posts too long and add too many pictures. Losing all that writing just like that is devastating, so frustrating and painful. I lose the content even if I have saved it. It’s terrible and makes me wonder if using this app is worth it. At least somekind of a backup would be needed, otherwise the app only makes your workflow worse.

I’m so glad that I could blog through my phone. But it’s frustrating that this app is lacking too many features especially formatting. I’d like to be able to add hyperlinks, change font size and colours. Not to mention when I uploaded a gif, it ended up being a still picture. I love the clean interface this app has, but it’d be great for it to also have the features I mentioned.

Easy to use, very limited functionality. I mainly use it to jot down notes and ideas, to edit futher later, on the computer. I really wish the app would auto-save the post periodically while typing. I was once in the middle of typing some notes when I got a phone call that lasted about 30 minutes, and lost everything I had just worked on.

The only issue is photos. Good app that could be great. If I share a photo, write a post and press publish it will usually publish but not always. If I write a post with a photo and save to finish editing later it won’t allow me to publish the post until I remove the photo. The option to add a photo via the Android app after the text is written would really improve the functionality of the app as well.

I usually post on the computer but was eager to be able to do so from my phone. When checking the published post, it was blank. I fiddled around and posted again and it only displayed the first paragraph. I thought my first photo was what was tripping it up so I deleted it, but still just the first paragraph shows. Under the post preview on my blog profile, it shows more than when I click ‘read more’ on the actual post. Really frustrating and disappointing.

I don’t usually rate apps but this is really bad, not what I’d expect from Google. First, no autosave. I learned this the hard way when I changed apps to look up something for my writing. Second, when you click the tick on the top right, it doesn’t actually save the post. You have to go all the way back one more time and choose between “Save” and “Discard” to save it. Also learned this the hard way. Third, just to save a post, I have to do three actions, and I end up on my drafts tab.

This app is easy to use and navigate. The page break feature when using the desktop version is missing from the app and should be added. I can’t also search and add YouTube videos from the app which is a big bummer. If the developers really want us to use this app then we shouldn’t stop seeing the obvious omissions in features that make us realize we should just stick to the web version only.

I am a writer. Personally, I love the Blogger app. It helps when I need to publish/edit a post on my Blogger website. Easy to use. HOWEVER, there is no page break option. Unfortunate! So, now if I publish any post or edits to posts, the page breaks the post(s) did have from the desktop version is lost on the mobile app. Posts become long previews, unless I go to my PC and fix the missing page break. A hassle for the mobile app, hence the 4-star review. I hope they add a page break option…

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