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Personal Capital InvestingPersonal Capital Investing : Personal Capital Banking and Investing

Personal Capital Investing allows you to connect all of your personal accounts, monitor your complete financial picture, and track your investment allocation.

“Top 50 websites of 2012” -Time Magazine

“Minimal account connections hassles, detailed financial information, and the option to speak directly to a financial advisor make Personal Capital the best free finance tracking app available. -Macworld

“The average user has 15 accounts and Personal Capital makes sense of them all as if they were one.” – PandoDaily

“The investment account information seems more detailed than the information provided on Mint.” -Forbes

Get started with Personal Capital now to:

★ Track and monitor your investments ★

View all your investment accounts, transactions and holdings in one place. Monitor your gainers and losers, compare your performance to the market, and track the value of your portfolio with Personal Capital’s Investment Manager. Connect your investment accounts at BofA, Fidelity, Vanguard, Wells Fargo, Schwab and more.

★ See where your money is going ★

Track your categorized income and spending, see your largest expenses, and easily view your transactions with Personal Capital Cash Manager.

★ Estimate and analyze the value of your stock options ★

View your vested and unvested shares in public and private companies, choose from common vesting schedules for each grant, and estimate the value of your options to know what you’re worth.

★ Pay anyone or transfer funds with universal checkbook ★

Take a photo of a check, and you can send payments to anyone, or transfer funds between accounts.

★ Talk with a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) ★

If you want help or financial advice, a personal financial advisor is one click away by, via email, or on the phone. Talk with us if you want, how you want. No country club membership needed.

★ Keep your financial information secure ★

Personal Capital’s unique multi-factor authentication allows you to manage your device access remotely, and requires multi-layer authentication from any new device. Our engineers invented online financial security. Seriously.

★ Relax. It just works! ★

Personal Capital integrates with over 10 thousand financial institutions to show you your complete financial picture at a glance. It only takes a minute to download the app and put Personal Capital to work for you.

Personal Capital Investing user reviews :

The view doesn’t show up correctly on my tablet (I have an Acer A500 tablet running ICS). The screen is blank for the most part, with a long skinny column running down the left. You can tell there are graphics in the left column, but no matter what I do, I can’t view/access it. This is after I added one of my investment accounts to the program. The right half is blank on all the “tabs” but 2 – the view does show correctly for the Advisor and Settings “tabs” on the bottom. Also, the view forces to Portrait – when programs do that, I assume they’ve been developed for phones vs tablets. This program may work fine for phones, but based on my experience, I don’t recommend it for tablets at this time.

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