Bloodline – The last royal vampire in the world

[Game] Bloodline – Last Royal Vampire


For a limited time, Bloodline is joined by Attack on Titan as Eren, Mikasa, and Levi are summoned to this new world, a place filled with creatures and technology never before seen. Will the heroes of the Survey Corps find their way back to Commander Erwin in time to take back Wall Maria? Or will they forever be lost alongside the vampire princess?

Bloodline is an anime-styled mobile role-playing card game with an emphasis on deep character leveling and customization, allowing for a roster of heroes that is distinctly unique to each player. The story follows the Last Royal Vampire Lilo.I and her companion Ron in their quest to save their loved ones from a militaristic order called the Holy Land.

Meet Lilo, an ancient princess, and the last royal vampire in the world. Help this young bloodsucker and her friends fight against a religious order of monsters hunters called the Holy Land on a quest to exterminate all heretics and heathens. Build your squad of warriors, heroes, and fantastical creatures to defeat exorcists, hunters, as well as vicious demons, and many powerful beings pulling the strings from the shadows. Let your modern, slice of life, vampire highschool adventure start here today! Assemble, customize and infinitely enhance over 400 heroes as you do battle in an extraordinary combination of ultra-competitive PvE, PvP, and Guild vs. Guild gameplay! This will be the truest test of your strategic abilities, so take up the challenge and join this action-packed anime RPG adventure!

From valiant knights, demonic warlords, to maniacal jesters and minigun-toting waifus, there’s a mind boggling array of heroes to unlock and evolve, with more new characters always on the way! Think you can unlock them all?

Level up your characters by taking them into battle and feeding them powerful upgrade materials. Evolve and awaken them with Job Changes, Fate Links, Tarot Cards, and Mystic Formations to unlock their true powers!

Send your heroes in to destroy your enemies with simple taps and swipes! Unleash the fury of their arcane abilities to take down tough bosses with spectacular effects and explosions!

Enjoy a fully fleshed out story based on the popular manga of the same name, following the adventures of Lilo and her friends as they uncover dark secrets and the forgotten memories of the vampire bloodline.

Carefully craft your squad to effectively counter enemy forces and know when’s the moment to attack or defend! Pay close attention to elemental attributes and character types to counter bosses and keep your teams healthy and buffed in battle.

Exciting Guild Battles
Destroy opposing forces in REAL-TIME Guild War battles with friends and guild mates. It’s gonna be pure PVP bloodshed!

Claw your way through other players in a multitude of PVP features like the Arena, Tower of Fate, as well as giant Guild Battles, and live cross-server Wars! Who will end up as the Champion of Bloodline?

Thanks to features like Auto Battle, Raid, and Auto-Mine, Bloodline allows you to devote more of your time to managing your squad and fighting off the Holy Land. Clear stages and progress through the game effortlessly while earning all the items and materials to level up your fun!

Bloodline user reviews :

It’s an ok game, could be better but I wouldn’t rate it more thx to some bugs and the most annoying one being the fact that I’ve managed to completed at least 12+ stages of dungeon before and that didn’t get completed in the challenge list to finish 7 days of quests to get elder suzie… Now when I try to complete the dungeon, can’t even do a single stage because of how damn impossible it is to do… Literally it’s an impossible task to complete 1 stage but 12? Now I’m going to lose suzie…

  • Hi there! We appreciate you taking the time to review Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire and we apologise for the issues that you’re having. This problem should be already fixed. In case you have any issues, please contact us at

It’s a bummer. I loved the idea of a brave frontier like game, and the combat definitely gives that. But everything else is awful. Very stingy on gems, nothing to really do, you can only do the event twice per day?!??! The other two or three things you can do are also 1-2 times a day. Bad launch gifts, the story is locked behind your player level, which is always obnoxious. The game would have amazing potential, but it was really lazily put together.

  • Hey there Catarina, thanks for your review! We’re sorry you are disappointed with the game. We are always interested in player feedback and would be appreciative of any time you spend giving us additional details. If you have a chance, please send us any suggestions using the form at

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New Characters!
New Seasonal Events!
Bug Fixes and Text Adjustments!

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