Bloodlust Rebellion – Overthrow the iron-fisted Vampire King Xavie

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Bloodlust RebellionSynopsis

Introducing Bloodlust Rebellion—a heart-pounding post-apocalyptic vampire adventure!

In a vampire-ruled post-apocalyptic world, join the rebellion to overthrow the iron-fisted Vampire King Xavier and his corrupt reign. Guided by the charismatic Gideon, navigate a perilous landscape filled with supernatural creatures and ancient artifacts, including the mind-controlling device, The Nexus. With your loyal childhood friend and battle-hardened partner, Thorne, face the challenges of the rebellion and ignite a forbidden connection with the enigmatic vampire, Elric, that tests your beliefs and fuels your desire for revolution.


King Xavier — Red Elite General

Mesmerizing and torn, Vampire King Xavier grapples with conflicting loyalties and an undeniable fascination for you, a mere human. As he embarks on a perilous journey to defeat The Nexus and carve a path to a brighter future, Xavier must confront internal opposition that threatens to undermine his leadership and desire for change. With your influence, will Xavier uphold the status quo or dare to embrace a new era of harmony and coexistence?

Elric — Red Elite Sentinel

Elric, the enigmatic and formidable Vampire Sentinel of the Red Elite, stands as the loyal right-hand of King Xavier. His exceptional combat skills and unwavering devotion make him a formidable ally in the rebellion against the Red Elite. However, as your bond deepens, Elric begins to question King Xavier’s vision and seeks a more compassionate approach to bring about change. Will Elric’s doubts and desire for a better future lead him to betray his king, or will his loyalty prevail?

Thorne — Resistance Warrior

Thorne, your devoted childhood friend and fearless warrior of the rebellion, remains a steadfast presence by your side. Hidden beneath his tough exterior is a vulnerability and a secret dhampir identity that fuels his unwavering determination to prove himself and shield you from danger. Together, you face the challenges of the rebellion with unwavering resolve, knowing that Thorne will do whatever it takes to protect you, even if it means sacrificing himself. Can your bond withstand the trials of the rebellion and lead you to victory?

Gideon — Resistance Leader

Gideon, the charismatic and strategic leader of the Resistance, is driven by an unwavering dedication to overthrowing the oppressive Red Elite and restoring freedom to humanity. Despite his calculated leadership, he finds himself entangled in conflicting emotions for you, admiring your strength and determination. While you see him as a mentor, his feelings for you intensify, yet he remains steadfast in his mission to defeat the Red Elite, even if he believes your heart is off-limits… Will love or duty prevail in this high-stakes battle for freedom?

Bloodlust Rebellion user reviews :

The plot gets a bit messy at times, trying to involve too many things so that it doesn’t flow very organically. Some of the characters are less developed and interesting than others, some are too forced upon us. Otherwise it’s pretty good, decent writing, art and smooth gameplay. Pretty good endings. Definitely worth a read.

I am always excited to see a new story and I usually give these 5 stars but since they have been adding the premium voice options ( which I love btw) the recently released games have been very glitchy for me. This one being the worse with the ads not working half the time, the occasional/rare force closing and my points either are delayed or don’t show at all. Which is a shame because I do enjoy the story.

Loved the story. Although didn’t give me much opportunity to gather gems to see what paths other decisions might have lead to. But all in all, Loved it!

Even just seeing the app for sure it will be fantastic and amazing storyline…the arts and graphic out of the world.. keep it up,

This one is definitely my favourite story of all so far and I have loved all of them. This one is going to be hard to top . Loved the storyline !!

The game is amazing and I liked the feature of voices in the game, overall enjoyed the game

I hope they make stories like this because its so good! I have been genius’s consumer and have played almost all of it’s games and their games with good plot and lines as this, i could only count them in my one hand. This is one of the best stories they have ever made including Pirate Lords of love. The story didn’t feel rushed, it was really great – lines are not cringey and cliché. Give this a shot!

I give the game 5 stars and hope there will be a season 2

I enjoyed playing this game i cant wait to see what they come up with next

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