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Ace Fishing CrewEnjoy fishing and the underwater scenery with your Crew! Ace Fishing: Crew!

Alone or together, it’s enjoyable!
From the thrilling feeling of fishing while observing the movements of fish underwater,
to the fun of cooking and selling the fish you catch!

Experience the life of an angler in Ace Fishing: Crew.

1. Experience realistic fishing with an underwater camera view.
In Ace Fishing: Crew, you can directly observe fish movements with an underwater camera view and control fishing.
Adjust the reel to left and right based on the fish’s movements and fill up the gauge to compete with the fish.

2. Conquer stages with various crew member combinations.
Fish with different types appear in each area.
Find effective combinations for each area and develop your crew members to clear stages.

3. Add variables to fishing with various crew members’ skills.
Utilize the skills possessed by each crew member to add strategy to fishing.
Aim for a big hit with a skill that deals massive damage in one shot,
revive from a crisis using the HP recovery skill,
or engage in a fierce battle with fish using a stamina recovery skill!
Enjoy fishing that varies based on the strategy you choose.

4. Experience the life created with the fish you catch.
Utilize the fish you catch for menu development and food research to increase the profitability of your restaurant.
Sell them in the market at a high price through negotiations with merchants and use them to develop your crew members.
Experience your characters’ growth through various earning content.

5. Compete with players from around the world and show off your fishing skills.
You can compete with players worldwide in fishing competitions with simple automatic controls.
Monitor the real-time updated rankings and aim for higher positions to earn more rewards.

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Ace Fishing Crew user reviews :

It’s ok, a bit easy, but my biggest complaint is that when you’re actually reeling a fish in and you have to move the rod left or right to direct the fish, when the crew is talking to you, the text block from that chat obscures the directional indicator to the point that by the time you see it it’s too late. Move the text box or move the arrow please.

  • We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed, and we appreciate your candid feedback. We hope that our future updates and events will improve the game for you. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Confused. Very confused. Game just released, and its saying i consistantly having bad connection? I have full bars, bothon and off wifi, ive restarted the game, my phone, etc.. Update: com2us did an amazing job fixing this bug asap, and got me in! Having an absolute blast, game is incredible, love the characters. Deffinatly a new addiction

  • Trouble with the game?! We got you! Please send us a message over to our support team @ for more help!

Found this on Mistplay. Basically if the Dead Or Alive girls dropped the volleyballs and went fishing. Surprisingly good graphics, really chill vibe. Not bogged down with ads. Wouldn’t normally have thought it was my cup of tea, but it’s surprisingly involved and skill based. Also refreshingly not a base builder. Lots of playable characters that have some storylines behind them too. The game is generous, and at least in the 1st few hours won’t rake you.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review! We hope to bring you more happy and fun events in the future. Thank you so much for your support!

I actually downloaded this fishing game as a joke (jokes on me) it turns out to be a very good game, and ive played alot of fishing games. Could use a little consolidation on rewards vs flipping back and forth trying to collect. But gameplay is good, graphics good, story line ok. Overall its still on my phone and that says alot.

  • We appreciate the review! Our team is always trying their best to bring you the best game out there. Stay with us so we can show you what mobile gaming is all about!

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