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[Wallpaper] Blow Them All Live Wallpaper

Blow Them AllBlow Them All : From the creators of “Stickman Live Wallpaper”

Experience your android device like you never did before with this game!!
Can you be the first one to complete all the achievements on this Live Wallpaper?
Can you be #1 on the world wide leaderboard?

Blow them all live wallpaper it is the most INTERACTIVE android wallpaper ever!!
Compete with your friends and with the whole world with the online leaderboard !
Get all the achievements!
Select the number of Androids you like to appear running !
Select the speed you like the Androids to Run and Explode !
Randomize function ( Change themes automatically )
Shake your phone to blow them all!


Blow the running androids as they pass through your screen
Get Combinations, X1 X2 X3 X4!!
Shake it to blow them ALL!!
See how many Androids you blow with the meter on the upper left!
Don’t let them run or escape !!

Complete all the Achievements!!

Initiative – Explode more than 10 Androids.
Blue Sick Android – Explode more than 100 Androids.
Executor – Explode more than 1000 Androids.
Bomb Master Psycho – Explode more than 10.000 Androids.
Reaper – Explode more than 100.000 androids REWARD: REAPER THEME!!
Blow Master – Get all the achievements REWARD: LEAGUE OF LEGENDS
Double kill !!
Triple kill !!!
Quad kill !!!!
Blow the Leprechaun !

Also Enjoy of a fully customizable Live wallpaper——————–>

Change Backgrounds!

Get trough abstract, wooden backgrounds to a soccer field cool background !!

Change Themes:

Crazy Angry Color Androids
Army War Soldiers Androids
Caribbean Pirates Androids
Star Wars ( Including: Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi , Master Yoda, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Deadly Sith Lord, Jar Jar Binks)
Real Football – USA Soccer Kicks Androids ( Smash that players ! )
League of Legends ( Xin zhao, Jarvan IV, Garen ) ( REWARD FROM “BLOW MASTER” ACHIEVEMENT )
It works great on the Galaxy S4 , Galaxy S3, Nexus 4, Galaxy Note II , HTC ONE , and all the ANDROID phones starting from gingerbread version ( 2.3 ) to Jellybean ( 4.2 ) !!
Also on tablets, 7 inch tablet and 10 inch tablet display.

Blow Them All user reviews :

fun stuff wish I could pick different backgrounds

Nice app I done some achievements

Great time killer Its great to kill time and leaderboards and achievements make it awesome

Fun with achievements and leaderboard Very fun

Video :

Download Blow Them All :


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