BMX FE3D 2 – Do huge flips and stunts

[Game] BMX FE3D 2 – Freestyle Extreme 3D


Get on your bike and get ready to shred!

Ride big ramps and get crazy air, or get technical with street skating. Do huge flips and stunts, or chain together awesome combos with manuals, grinds and wallrides.

The choice is yours with 8 different skate parks made with inspiration from all around the world. You can even create your very own custom skate parks to ride!

Both your BMX rider, and your BMX bike are fully customizable, with tons of options to make yours absolutely unique!

Try it now and see why this Freestyle Extreme 3D series’ games has been downloaded more than 10 million times!


Ride your bike and do tons of different tricks
Customize your character with tons of clothing, hairstyles, etc.
Fully customize your bike with different bike parts and colors
Create your very own custom skate park to ride in
Earn coins to level up your character
Arcade Mode: Try to beat your best score in 2 and a half minutes
S-K-A-T-E Mode: Complete specific tricks and combos
Free Run Mode: Skate around the parks with no time limit or purpose other than having fun
Great music to enjoy while riding your BMX bike
Nothing is locked behind a paywall, everything can be unlocked just by playing

BMX FE3D 2 user reviews :

at first it is damn hard to control but when you got use to the controls. it’s easy. I just hope you can add an multiplayer on this one. it would be sick. hello again. i edited my review. still a five star. been playing this for 2 years. i think it will be better if you can have a replay editor. so we can post the things we do ln social media. just an idea. hope you can see this.

Very fun and addictive, good graphics and physics but some minor fix are need like the ramps kinda unusual, some shapes can retaliate and crash with the physics engine. but overall nice game please add more ramp styles, and height configuration, also mod support or teraforming.

it’s the BEST bmx game BUT PLEASE change the controls section so we can move the buttons to a place we like better. PLEASE.

One of the best games on Google play..i gave 2 stars only because the game has more ads then breaks,after every single game a ad..this ij just it doesnt make sense playing,and it aint worth these 11€ for a premium acc,u need to work on the graphics more..if we put all these ads aside this is the best bmx game since mat hoffmans pro bmx 2 back in the day…also u should remove the unlimited fakie, driving reverse that much is impossible even with a freecoaster..

  • Hi. Im sorry to hear youre not a fan of the ads. I dont think anyone is. But you know how it is – to keep it free and updated, ads are required. And by our statistics, we actually show less ads than the average game. I thank you for the suggestions to improve the game. We will definitely take a look at those. I hope you will keep playing.

I like it makes me want to ride and grind this rail in front of my house but I’m almost 40yrs old its going to hurt if I bail ooohhhcchh

This game is insanely good but I don’t really like the map editing can u please update this game give us more stuff to build with. like make it so we can put ramps higher,give us curve ramps and a bigger map,other than that the game is insane. oh and give us online to please

  • Hi and thank you for your review and all your good suggestions. We have a lot of stuff we want to add to this game and hopefully we can get to your ideas too

I play this game on my galaxy s10 plus and the game runs smooth with some few bugs but it works, I upgraded to the galaxy s21 plus and now the game won’t let me steer the gyroscope doesn’t work is there anyway you Guys could fix it? I love this game plus I’ve spent money in it and I plan to keep doing it

  • Hi. I’m playing on an s21 myself with no trouble. Can’t come up with a reason why the gyroscope would not work for you. I’ll look into it and in the meanwhile you can use one of the other methods of controlling by going to options (gears in the top right corner of main menu) then controls and change what you control with.

Best BMX game to date. It is a great improvement from its predecessor, BMX FE3D. Controls are greatly improved, the graphics are better (not the most stunning but they are decent), and most importantly, the gameplay is more fun. Maps are more realistic. Unfortunately, the game (like every single FE3D game) is plagued with bugs. No need to patch them: they are pretty minor. One question: where is the Indian Air trick from the original game? You added more tricks that could make up for it though.

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