Bonobono – This is a forest where Bonobono and friends live

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BonobonoWelcome to “Bonobono’s Forest”!

This is a forest where Bonobono and friends live.
Increase the facilities or develop the town by making things.
Even when you’re offline, the gold that you need to make facilities and things is piled up
You can play as much as you want.

Collect gold first.
Bonobono cooks for you when you start playing the game.
When you’re done making it, it’s sold automatically and you can get gold.
Use gold to make facilities such as “Friends Recruitment Bulletin” and “Sweet Potato Pickup.”

Let’s heal with Bono Bono’s famous saying
When you clear the Daily Mission, you will see “Bonobono and Friends Quote.”
Will there be a quote that will heal your heart today?

Increase the number of friends in the forest at the “Friend Recruitment Bulletin”.
You can increase your friends through the “Friend Recruitment Bulletin”.
Enjoy the vibrant Bonobono forest with many friends.
Gathering friends can also speed up production and so on.

Look for the treasure
When friends go on an expedition, they come back looking for treasure!?
You may be able to acquire a rare treasure.

There’s also a mini game
Try the mini game “Picking Sweet Potatoes” to win sweet potatoes.
There are many other mini-games.
There may be occasional visitors at the dock!? Touch the visitor.

Bonobono user reviews :

Yet another “tap and wait” mobile game with a cute aesthetic. Starting tutorial breaks if you harvest potatoes before it tells you to do so. Sell button on main screen says “Sale”. You are not having a sale, you are selling. Two different words. Seems like simple things quality assurance would have fixed. The game is fine otherwise I guess.

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