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[Game] Doodle Magic – Wizard vs Slime

Doodle MagicStep into the Middle Ages, where the village of Hamel is plagued by mice and overrun by monsters.

As a young wizard, you waved your wand to rid the village of a multitude of creatures. Yet, a greater danger lurks ahead. Are you ready to face slimes and other formidable monsters?

Be a Mighty Wizard! – Upgrade epic gear, collect and synthesize gems to forge a powerful wizard leading the entire battlefield.

Collect your Fantasy Skills – Explore mystical skills and collect a unique combination to break free from traditional tactical limits.

Take on Endless Slimes! – Embrace endless slime monster challenges, showcasing your wizard skills to defend our homeland.

Build your unique rampart – Upgrade wall durability, collect wall magic resistance, and create your unique castle, an indestructible fortress.

Challenge the Abyss Mode – Confront randomly combined monster challenges, strategically choose skill card combinations, as hordes of monster bosses are about to descend. Get ready for an exhilarating combat experience!

Updates and Support:
We are committed to continuous game updates, providing players with the better gaming experience. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact our support team.

Join us now, embark on a brand new tower defense journey, and let the wizard’s glory be in your hands.

Doodle Magic user reviews :

I’d seen some of the reviews saying the targeting functionality isn’t the greatest (to put it lightly) but is actually really bad. The aim is more concerned with keeping the middle of the road clear, but once you’ve got stuff built up on the far sides, it completely ignores them, and there’s especially little you can do about it when there are flying enemies. This needs to be improved, greatly. Otherwise, I really like the idea, and could see myself playing it a lot, but not currently.

I want to like it, but there are a few things that seem unnecessarily arbitrary. Being able to only speed up after beating a level, buying the monthly pass with the in-game premium currency instead of purchasing directly, not being able to turn off the notifications about other players finding legendary gems, to name a few. Progression is also slow, difficult and grindy, having to reply previous levels to find mats and gems takes all the fun out of it for me unfortunately.

I am enjoying this game but the active part of this game is selecting cards that power up your abilities. my problem is on a mobile the font is so hard to read (size and style) that I really have to strain in order to make out what they say. Including numbers to show what the net change in stats different cards have would be useful for some of the descriptions.

I really really really want to give this more stars, but the “stamina” aspect of games just completely ruins them for me, if I have free time or I’m able to play on my phone while I’m doing something else, I don’t want to have to worry about running out of energy and waiting forever for it to replenish, now if it was 1 minute per energy, that would be fine, but it takes absolutely forever for it to replenish especially since the higher level stages start to require more and more energy.

This is a great game, but I believe it needs some improvement. I’m not a big fan of the bot aim system that seems to be in place, and would much rather be able to fully control when and where I use my spells, and what I aim and shoot at, as quite often the player ai doesn’t target the obvious choice. Or at least a tap function to select a target.

6.5/10 Simple. Addictive. Captivating. It is possible to flourish in this fun game, but its tedious unless you pay for bonuses. Even then the benefits arent nearly worth the cost. I would be willing to watch more ads for bonuses, but those are limited, and the ads rarely work. You have a great opportunity for people to play a great game, but it just falls short with the slow stamina regeneration, cost of upgrades, slow progress, and no way outside of a paywall to remedy any of the above.

Great game, lots of fun I have ONE complaint though.. Starting on level 6, it’s really hard to gain any ground when the targeting system won’t target enemies who are attacking the wall, cause many many times I have lost cause enemies on the left and right build up to the point where I can’t clear them cause the targeting will only target the middle mobs, therefore leading to a loss. I suggest writing the targeting system to prioritize enemies attacking the wall first THEN other enemies. Thanks!

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